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Saturday 17 December

The equivalent of $11,557.74 was donated through PayPal on Day 2 of the Fund Drive, an increase of more than $2000 over Day 1. Only a small amount was donated through Moneybookers on Day 2 (about $30). I won't get updates on the Dexia and mail donation totals until Tuesday at the earliest.

Here is the PayPal breakdown for Day 2:

AUD     90.36     (67.81 USD)    
CAD 	507.95 	  (418.00 USD)
EUR 	2,186.87  (2,656.37 USD)
GBP 	550.20 	  (986.67 USD)
JPY 	24,058.00 (217.36 USD)
USD 	7,211.52
Total 	11,557.74 USD

Copied from: http://fundraising.wikimedia.org/2005q4/index.php/2005-12-17/report/

Fund drive tracking bar added

A great deal of thanks needs to be extended to Brooke Vibber, our Chief Technical Officer, for his implementation of a near real time fund drive tracking bar that is now on top of each page in the English Wikipedia. Localized versions are planned once more features are added to his tracking system.

Each of the minor ticks on the bar represent a $25,000 milestone while the 5 major ticks represent $100,000 milestones. There is no monetary goal to this drive, so more ticks will be added if we fill the current bar up.

Selected donor comments

Let's all thank everybody who donated on this day by reading their comments.

See: http://fundraising.wikimedia.org/2005q4/index.php/2005-12-17/detail/

Here are some that caught my eye (I wish I could list more):

  • "This is an amazing website." by Brian Reilly
  • "Pour la réussite d'un des plus beaux projets de ce millénaire..." by anonymous
  • "This site is everything the web promised to be." by anonymous
  • "Proof that collaboration can work" by anonymous
  • "who thought this idea up is a genus" by Michelle Collins
  • "ich verwende wikipedia unzählige Male im Jahr; dieser Dienst ist vorbildlich. keep it up :)" by Alexander Stromer
  • "one of the best projects on earth" by anonymous
  • "As soon as I get a job I'll donate a lot more!" by Alex Adamson
  • "Frei zugaengliches Wissen: grossartige Sache" by Marc zur Oven
  • "For man's knowledge is only as great as its accessibility." by Shawn Strider
  • "Thanks for collecting world's intelligence" by Masashi Sano
  • "Wikipedia has been invaluable to me as a college student who returned to school after 25 years!" by anonymous
  • "parabéns e obrigado por tantas ajudas" by anonymous
  • "Wikipedia is the history of the future!" by LUZIAN WILD
  • "São iniciativas como a Wikipedia que nos dão esperança de que nosso lindo planetinha azul ainda tem salvação." by Marcus Salmeron
  • "Knowledge should belong to humanity" by Paul Patton
  • "Wikipedia ist nett." by anonymous
  • "Don't stop! Keep on doing what you're doing." by Carl Juhnke
  • "I think Wikipedia is going to be an important part of this planet's future." by Nathan Russell
  • "Fight the good fight" by anonymous

And my personal favorites:

  • "for making the internet not suck" by Kristoffer Dahl
  • "You're better for my brain than 10 Frappucinos!" by anonymous
  • "Vandal-fighting's like a video game to me. Makes sense to me that I donate 50 dollars to keep the site alive!" by Jay Converse
  • "Love this site. More accurate than cable news!" by jay gazlay
  • "Quidquid latine dictum sit altum viditur" by John Horth

-- Daniel Mayer

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