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Friday 23 December

A total of 359 donations were made through PayPal on Day 8, yielding the equivalent of $6,811.27 USD. The average donation that day was $18.97. While this is both the lowest daily total and the lowest average donation so far in the drive, it was not unexpected; a great many people were very busy getting ready for Christmas that day.

Moneybookers donations rose by about $140, bringing that total to $687.85. Mail donations increased by $625, our largest daily increase in mail donations in the drive so far, bringing that total to $720. Dexia total for the day is €260 ($313.90) via 10 donations.

Day total: $7,890.17

Breakdown of Day 8 PayPal donations:

AUD     197.99    (148.59 USD)
CAD 	142.46    (117.23 USD)
EUR 	1,912.28  (2,322.83 USD)
GBP 	178.50 	  (320.10 USD)
JPY 	30,883.00 (279.03 USD)
USD 	3,623.49
Total 	6,811.27 USD

Copied from: http://fundraising.wikimedia.org/2005q4/index.php/2005-12-23/report/

Special thanks to large donors

The largest donation this day was $200.00 USD and was made by Barry Langdon-Lassagne. There were also many donors who gave the equivalent of about $100 or more (listed in no particular order); Romary Daval, Domas Mituzas, KENGO Nakajima, Alan Rhodes, Lutz Kayser, James Hare, and seven anonymous donations.

Note: While large donations are great, it should be noted that about 70% of all the money donated to the Wikimedia Foundation comes from donations that are the equivalent of $50 or less and the average donation is about $25.

Selected donor comments

Let's all thank everybody who donated on this day by reading their comments.

Full listing at: http://fundraising.wikimedia.org/2005q4/index.php/2005-12-23/detail/
  • "An eminently worthy undertaking" by Craig Glennie
  • "Longue vie au libre partage des connaissances!" by Philippe Teuwen
  • "I don't know how we got on without Wikipedia. Please don't cave it to pressure groups." by anonymous
  • "This donation to Wikipedia is in memory of McRae Family, Ottawa,Ontario,Canada" by Craig McRae
  • "Poursuivez votre labeur fantastique" by anonymous
  • "The best reference that ever existed" by David Kirkpatrick
  • "I'm very grateful to Wikimedia. Because of it I can do research very quick. I am living with Wikimedia whenever I have free time during the day" by Tam Nguyen
  • "Wissen ist Macht! Keep up the great work!" by André Heßling
  • "I donate for a clean and proven Wikipedia" by anonymous
  • "Merry Christmas and many Greetings from Austria to Wikipedia" by Manfred Halver
  • "Wikipedia's open/free nature is really what allows it to thrive. I think a service like this would not be possible if it weren't for Free Software. Please consider donating to at www.fsf.org" by Pol Danilov
  • "Wikipedia ist der wahre Geist des Webs! Weiter so!" by Peter Köller
  • "I hope you guys realize what a huge effect you have on the Internet community, and we the users truly appreciate the immense work you put in. LONG LIVE WIKIPEDIA!" by Edwin Choi
  • "I will be giving more as money comes in (chrismas is a costly time)" by anonymous
  • "Por plibonigado de Vikipedio." by Gokhan San
  • "In honor of my Godparents Lucy, John, Theresa and Ron...Happy Christmas!" by Josh Courteau
  • "This project has saved me much more than this in time, convenience and useful knowledge. I'll be *paying another visit here soon enough." by Stephen Allen
  • "in honor of Aaron Kuntz" by anonymous
  • "gracias a vosotros" by Raul Aguaviva
  • "Best..website..ever." by anonymous
  • "naturally..." by KENGO Nakajima

Some of my personal favorites:

  • "Use the site so much, would be criminal not to!" by Jack Hynes
  • "You changed my life, guys. I am sorry I can only contribute with such a modest amount." by anonymous
  • "The greatest progress of mankind in the last 5 years." by Michael Young
  • "let us be even more successful than Britannica" by anonymous
  • "My bonus check, with love." by Jeffrey Friedlander
  • "Rock on, Wikipedia. Rock on." by anonymous
  • "No comment." by anonymous

--Daniel Mayer

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