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Paulina Sanchez, Mexico
"This would be such a great tool for all the children here in Mexico. Many children here lack access to computers or don't have the money to pay for time at an internet cafe. This would be a great way for them to access information for homework, their personal interest, and their educational growth. I hope that this will come to be in Mexico and all around the world as well."
Enock Seth Nyamador, Ghana
"Internet access shouldn't be a barrier to free knowledge access."
Dammer Stefan, Germany
"Knowledge is the basis of every free decision and every intellectual development. The only permanent way of making the world a better place is to increase public access to impartial information. I hope I can contribute a slight support to this project with my signing."
Stanley Maphpsa, South Africa
"Education is a greatest tool for the reduction of poverty for the most vulnerable children, their families and communities. We are asking WIKIPEDIA to participate in this and make a future for children. Cellphones with Wikipedia is the way to go"
Ivan Vukovic, Serbia
"I consider Wikipedia to be THE most important piece of collective human knowledge which, if made available to all people free of charge, would give everyone equal opportunity to learn, develop and prosper. Please, give everyone an equal, free access to Wikipedia, so we can move towards a world of knowledge and understanding!"
Hussain Mirza, United States
"Free access to Wikipedia on Mobile Phones isn't just about providing a free application - it is about giving each and every one of us, no matter where we are, the ability to tap into a growing reservoir of humanity's collective knowledge, and ultimately the tools to make a difference in our world."
Zoyisile Booi, South Africa
"It is vital that this becomes a global drive and make sure that those that cannot afford airtime or bundles on a regular basis are accommodated especially when they have to research things for school"
Andy Mabbett, United Kingdom
"The next Einstein, Pasteur or Picasso might be waiting for free access to knowledge..."