DMCA Bernie Sanders Logos

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    This DMCA takedown was withdrawn by the filer; it is no longer in force, and all images have been undeleted. As always, images are open to normal community process and so may or may not still be available.


    A DMCA Counter Notice has been received for this takedown and can be found at File:Bernie Sanders logos DMCA counter notice Redacted.pdf. As required by law the Wikimedia Foundation will now wait 10 business days for a response from the original notice filer before restoring the content.

    From: Garvey Schubert Barer
    Content: Commons:File:Bernie Sanders 2016 logo.svg
    Commons:File:Bernie Sanders 2016 logo.png
    Commons:File:Bernie Sanders 2016 logo with year.svg
    Commons:File:Bernie Sanders 2016 Pride.jpg
    An attachment to the below has been uploaded as 📎 Bernie Sanders - Wikimedia Commons DMCA takedown - Redacted.pdf.

    Dear Ms. Tretikov, Attached is correspondence from <redacted> re DMCA Notice of Copyright Infringement/Immediate Attention Required. Kind Regards, <redacted>