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Board meetings Minutes from 2011-06-20 Questions?

The Wikimedia Foundation Board meeting minutes

Time: Wednesday, June 20, 2011, 18:00 UTC
Purpose: To review the final Annual Plan in advance of approval later this week

This was the second of two IRC meetings to review the 2011-2012 Annual Plan.


Trustees present were:

Ting Chen (Chair), Stu West (Vice-Chair, Treasurer), Samuel Klein (Secretary), Matt Halprin,
Arne Klempert, Jan-Bart de Vreede, Jimmy Wales, Kat Walsh, Sue Gardner (Executive Director)

A quorum was reached, and Ting opened the meeting.

Annual Plan review

This meeting focused on reviewing and approving the final 2011-2012 Annual Plan, which had been previewed at the May Board meeting. The final plan had been reviewed in detail with the Treasurer in early June, and shared with the Board on June 15.

The Board discussed the plan's focus on reversing the decline in participation through tools for editing and editor engagement, outreach, non-European language support, and mobile support. An assessment of top risks was included in the plan, along with specific year-end targets.

The proposed growth rate was discussed, and considered ambitious but appropriate given the objectives of the five-year plan.

Reserves and endowment

While most questions had been raised and addressed via email, a few were revisited in the meeting, including the topic of building a reserve. As in prior years, the proposed approval would instruct the ED to increase operating reserves during the 2011-2012 year. It was noted that this increase was small in order to focus on important short-term challenges.

Discussion about an endowment for core services to "keep the lights on" was tabled to be addressed over the next couple of months.


A straw poll on support for the plan was taken, and it was supported by those present.

A resolution to approve the plan was drafted and opened for voting over the coming ten days.

The meeting was adjourned.