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About Sue Gardner

Sue Gardner is a digital non-profit executive who most recently ran CBC.ca, the largest and most popular news site in Canada and the website of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canada’s national public broadcaster. While running CBC.CA, Sue oversaw a variety of programming initiatives ranging from elections coverage to interactive children's communities to entertainment journalism. Under her leadership, the site more than doubled its audience, and won dozens of international awards.

Prior to running CBC.CA, Sue was a working journalist for ten years, writing for newspapers and magazines and producing talk programming and documentaries for public broadcasters worldwide, including the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the British Broadcasting Corporation, and National Public Radio. In 2000, Sue created one of CBC Radio’s first bimedial (radio/web) programs, the interactive summer series Road Dot Trip. She later led the implementation of the CBC’s New Media Renewal project, a year-long consultation process that led to a complete overhaul of the CBC’s online strategy.

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