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Wikimedia Foundation Seeking a COO
The Wikimedia Foundation is currently seeking a Chief Operating Officer (COO). The COO is responsible for the overall administration and business operations of the Foundation. Read more

The Wikimedia Foundation Board Elections
The Wikimedia Foundation will be conducting its Board of Trustees elections from June 28 until July 7, 2007, in cooperation with Software in the Public Interest, Inc (SPI). Three successful candidates will be elected to the Board of Trustees for two-year terms, expiring in June 2009.Read more

Wikimedia Foundation participant to the Kronberg Declaration on the Future of Knowledge Acquisition and Sharing
In June 2007, Florence Devouard participated in the meeting of the High-Level Group of Visionaries on “The Future of Knowledge Acquisition and Sharing”, jointly organized by UNESCO and the German Commission for UNESCO, with the generous support of BASF. The High-Level Group of Visionaries met in Kronberg/Taunus, Germany, on 23 June 2007. The outcome of the meeting is a statement on the “Future of Knowledge Acquisition and Sharing” for worldwide dissemination, which, in the future, will guide UNESCO’s work in this field.


Mark your calendar: Wikimania 2007 in August
The Wikimedia Foundation, the parent organization of Wikipedia, will be hosting their annual conference, Wikimania, in Tapei, Taiwan, from August 3-5, 2007. The event brings together international users from various Wikimedia projects, as well as individuals interested in learning about Wiki technology, free content and free knowledge, and educational and social trends in the internet culture. Read more

Board meeting of June 1st to 3rd
The board of Wikimedia Foundation held a face to face meeting on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of June 2007 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Major topics were hiring new ED and a new legal person, financial issue including audit and fundraising, and revision of Access to nonpublic data policy. Read more