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"I just want to be left alone so I can contribute to the Wikimedia projects"

About me

Hi, My name is Tryvix1509. I have joined Wikipedia since 2020 and had an account, but because I forgot my password, I abandoned my old account and started over with this account.
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My work

I patrol small wikis via SWViewer. Since I'm a bit clumsy, sometimes I mess its clicky buttons up and wrongly revert good faith edit(s). Please feel free to revert me again, and trout me (nicely please) if deem necessary.
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This translator translates from
English to Vietnamese.

Contact me

  • My talk page.
  • IRC: Tryvix1509 (cloak: uid581726(_AT_)wikimedia/Tryvix1509) on #cvn-swconnect
  • Questions related to Vietnamse Wikipedia can be sent to
  • File permissions-related questions: or (Vietnamse).
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