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    Hello Gerard. Welcome to the Foundation wiki. Please add yourself to Wikimedia:Editors. Thanks. Angela 10:10, 30 Nov 2004 (UTC)

    Apology for removal of admin rights

    GerardM, I'm sorry for the abrupt removal of admin rights on this wiki, which wasn't announced in advance. We've been talking internally for a while about making the governance structure of this wiki more clear, i.e., decisions regarding content and practices in this wiki are ultimately up to WMF staff. There may be projects during which it makes sense to assign temporary adminship to volunteers, as well, but we wanted to start with a clear separation of roles and responsibilities.

    I apologize, though, for the hasty implementation of this decision! I didn't intend to express any disrespect or distrust. On the contrary, I'm very grateful for all the work you and other volunteers have done on the Wikimedia Foundation wiki over the years, and I hope you won't be too discouraged by this experience. I'll be posting an update about the next steps for on the wikimedia-l mailing list soon.

    Please do reach out to me if there's anything else I can do. Gyoung (talk) 04:47, 13 May 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]