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m:Templates are used within articles to provide a consistent look to the messages placed into them. Changes to the look, wording, or style of the message can be implemented quickly, because templates are rendered for the reader when the article loads.

{{news-XX}} templates are usedin purpose of displaying "Latest news" section on Home or its equivalents (right part). XX is filled with ISO 639 language code.

Because of the amount of its content "what makes for" is omitted on this page.

Note: "msg:" can now be dispensed with when placing a template in an article. For example, use {{stub}}, not {{msg:stub}}. Spaces in the name are allowed, e.g. {{train topics}}.

News tepmlates


{{news-en}} view (talk)

"Latest news" section on Home.


{{news-fr}} voir (discussion)

"Dernières nouvelles" section dans Accueil.