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    In some cases the localized tagline appears very short. This creates a huge gap between the words. You can adjust this by adding a positive value to the letterspacing.
    Example: If the tagline would be "Great encyklopédia" a huge, not nice looking gap appears. By adjusting the letterspacing to a value of "40" the gap turns much smaller and the tagline looks nicer.

    tagline almost fits

    In most cases the tagline appears will almost fit.


    • Open the character window (Top Navigation: "Type": "Character")
    • Select the whole tagline
    • Add a positive value to the tracking panel
    • Please don't use a letterspacing value more than "50".


    Letter spacing cannot be adjusted using usual dialog menus. By using Edit -> SVG Editor... you can modify the style attribute of the text object. Adding the setting ";letter-spacing:X" where "X" is any decimal figure between 0.01 and 0.99 at the end of the style property will shorten the spacing between letters. If the space requires further widening in order to stretch to fit on the graphic, slightly manually resizing the width of the text is an option. Some text is impossible to widen enough to appear practical below the Wikipedia logo. In such cases (see commons:File:Wikipedia-logo-v2-ht.svg) the text should remain at normal spacing and width.

    tagline much too short

    Sometimes the tagline is much too small and a letterspacing of more than 50 would be necessary to let the gap disappear. This is an extra case, where you can let the tagline be less wide than the wordmark, by changing the setting of the textfield from "Justify all lines" to "Align center"


    • Open the paragraph window (Top Navigation: "Type": "Paragraph")
    • Select the whole tagline
    • Click on the centered-icon


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