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Telenor and the Wikimedia Foundation partner to offer Wikipedia free to mobile customers in Asia and Southeastern Europe
Up to 135 million Telenor customers in Asia and Southeastern Europe with mobile access can access Wikipedia without incurring data charges. Read more (28 Feb 2012)

Orange and the Wikimedia Foundation partner to offer Wikipedia in Africa and the Middle East at no extra cost

More than 70 million Orange customers in Africa and the Middle East (AMEA) with mobile access can access Wikipedia with no data charges. Read more (24 Jan 2012)

Statement from the Wikimedia Foundation regarding developments in Washington on SOPA and PIPA
Comments from Sue Gardner in response to developments in Washington this morning. Read more (20 Jan 2012)

Wikipedia blackout affirms overwhelming support for free and open Internet
Millions "Imagine a World Without Free Knowledge" and act to oppose SOPA/PIPA Read more (18 Jan 2012)

English Wikipedia to go dark January 18 in opposition to SOPA/PIPA
The Wikipedia community has chosen to protest against proposed legislation in the United States — the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the U.S. House of Representatives, and PROTECTIP (PIPA) in the U.S. Senate. Read more (16 Jan 2012)

Wikimedia Foundation Rings In New Year With Record-breaking Fundraiser
This year's annual campaign raised a record-breaking US$20 million from more than one million donors in nearly every country in the world. Read more (2 Jan 2012)


Brin Wojcicki Foundation Announces $500,000 Grant to Wikimedia
The Brin Wojcicki Foundation has also funded such organizations as the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Read more (18 Nov 2011)

Wikipedia's Contributors and Authors at the Center of Wikimedia's Eighth Annual Fundraiser
The annual fundraiser brings in critical revenue so that Wikipedia and its sister projects can remain freely available to people around the world. Funds raised in this campaign by Wikimedia and its regional chapters will be used to maintain Wikimedia's server infrastructure and improve software, expand global reach, and provide direct support to a global volunteer community. The Foundation's total 2011-12 planned spending is US$28.3 million. Read more (16 Nov 2011)

Indigo Trust awards Wikimedia a Grant for Mobile Improvements

Funds will go toward upgrading Wikimedia's mobile platform, which will enable Wikimedia to better reach the millions of people in the developing world and low-income communities everywhere. Read more (14 Oct 2011)

Stanton Foundation Awards Wikimedia $3.6 Million for Technology Improvements

Grant will fund major investments in the technology infrastructure that supports Wikipedia and its sister projects. Read more (5 Oct 2011)

Wikimedia Foundation Announces 2011-2012 Board of Trustees and Elected Officers

Announcement follows Board meeting at Wikimania, the annual gathering of Wikimedia volunteers in Haifa, Israel. Read more (3 August 2011)

The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation renews $3 million commitment to Wikimedia

Funds will support Wikimedia's strategic plan that focuses on increasing quality, the number and demographic diversity of its editors, and reaching more readers. Read more (11 July 2011)

Wikimedia Foundation selects Watchmouse monitoring service

"Live Health" of Wikipedia and additional websites now posted and updated in real time Read more (9 February 2011)

Half a Million People Donate to Keep Wikipedia Free

$16 million raised by more than 500,000 individual donations during seventh annual giving campaign. Read more (1 January 2011)


Seventh Annual Campaign to Support Wikipedia Kicks Off
The Wikimedia Foundation ("WMF"), the non-profit behind Wikipedia, today announced the launch of its annual fundraising campaign. This year's goal is to raise $16 million so that Wikipedia and its sister projects can remain freely available to people around the world. Read more (15 November 2010)

Wikimedia Foundation announces changes to Board of Trustees

Today, at the sixth annual Wikimania Conference, the Wikimedia Foundation announced important changes to the Board of Trustees. Read more (9 July 2010)

Zack Exley and Barry Newstead join the Wikimedia Foundation executive management team

Barry Newstead will join as Chief Global Development Officer (CGDO), and Zack Exley will join as Chief Community Officer (CCO). Both are new positions, hired to fill out Wikimedia's senior team as it prepares to launch its new strategy, which calls for growing readership and new editors, particularly in the Global South. Read more (10 June 2010)

Wikimedia Foundation will engage academic experts and students to improve public policy information on Wikipedia

A new project designed to improve the quality of public policy-related articles on Wikipedia has been announced. It is the first time the Wikimedia Foundation has launched a project designed to systematically increase the quality of articles in a particular topic area. Read more (11 May 2010)

Wikimedia Foundation Appoints Jing Wang and Mimi Ito to its Advisory Board
The Wikimedia Foundation appointed two new members to its Advisory Board: Mimi Ito and Jing Wang. Mimi Ito is a cultural anthropologist with a focus on new media use among young people. Jing Wang is an author and professor of Chinese cultural studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is the chair of the International Advisory Board of Creative Commons China Mainland. Read more (11 May 2010)

Indian Journalist and film-maker Bishakha Datta joins Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees

The Wikimedia Foundation today announced that Indian journalist, filmmaker and non-profit leader Bishakha Datta has joined its Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees is the governing body that oversees the Wikimedia Foundation, the U.S.-based non-profit that operates Wikipedia. Read more (5 April 2010)

Wikimedia Foundation announces $2 million grant from Google

Donation will support capacity investments in Wikipedia and other free knowledge projects. Read more (17 February 2010)

Telefónica and Wikimedia Foundation Partner to Advance Learning and Increase Access to Free Knowledge
Strategic partnership will improve access to Wikimedia educational and informational content in Latin America and Europe. Read more (1 February 2010)

Wikimedia Foundation Hires Danese Cooper as Chief Technical Officer

The Wikimedia Foundation today announced that it has hired open source evangelist and experienced technology manager Danese Cooper as CTO. Read more (28 January 2010)

Wikipedia Annual Fundraiser Goal Supported by Record Number of Donors
Over US$8 Million Raised by 230,000 donors in Campaign to Protect Wikipedia. Read more (5 January 2010)

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