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The current Deputy Director information may be found at Current staff

WMF Job Description: Deputy Director

Job Title

Deputy Director, Wikimedia Foundation


The mission of the Wikimedia Foundation is to empower and engage people around the world to collect and develop neutral educational content under a free content license or in the public domain, and to disseminate it effectively and globally. In collaboration with a network of chapters, the Foundation provides the essential infrastructure and an organizational framework for the support and development of multilingual wiki projects and other endeavors which serve this mission. The Foundation will make and keep the educational content from its projects available on the Internet free of charge, in perpetuity.


Executive Director, Wikimedia Foundation


CTO. Authority over non-technical staff as delegated by the Executive Director

Job summary

The purpose of this role is to support the executive director in the development and implementation of the Foundation’s strategic plans and policies, and to provide leadership and direction to the CTO and other technical staff.


  • Full delegated authority to act on behalf of the Executive Director in her absence;
  • Responsible for the development and execution of the Foundation's technical strategy;
  • Provides leadership and direction for technical staff, setting an effective agenda and ensuring performance goals are met and set;
  • Serves as a mentor, coach and guide to senior staff, particularly with regards to the Wikimedia community and wiki technology;
  • Represents the organization to the public, key stakeholders and business partners;
  • Provides guidance, as requested by the Executive Director, for fundraising and donor management, business development and partnership activities;
  • Provides guidance, as requested by the Executive Director, for program activities including outreach, volunteer coordination and partnerships development, as well as marketing, media relations, public relations and issues management activities;
  • Other duties as requested by the Executive Director.