Elections Committee Charter

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    The Elections Committee ("Committee") is an advisory committee to the Board of Trustees ("Board") of the Wikimedia Foundation ("Foundation") with the purpose of assisting with the selection of the Board’s Community- and Affiliate-Selected Trustees by advising on policies and helping to implement the selection process. The Committee may also assist with similar community-selected positions as determined by the Board.


    The Committee shall consist of at least five (5) voting members and as many non-voting advisors as invited by the Committee. The Committee shall select one member to serve as Chair on a yearly basis. Members will be selected based upon their qualifications, expertise, experience with the Wikimedia community, and other relevant factors.

    Members and advisors should serve terms of two years and be appointed every two years by the Governance Committee, in consultation with sitting members of the Committee and their advisors.

    A member or advisor shall keep their position until their term expires or until that position is filled with another appointed member or advisor by the Governance Committee. The Governance Committee may remove and replace a member or advisor for good cause with a majority vote. Any Committee member appointed to fill a vacancy shall serve only the remainder of their predecessor’s term unless reappointed.

    To the extent possible, the Committee members and advisors should reflect the diversity of the Wikimedia community. The Wikimedia Foundation Chief Executive Officer should appoint at least two non-voting advisors to join the Committee to ensure it has the necessary resources to run the election.


    1. The Committee shall recommend the dates, rules, and regulation of the voting procedures for approval by the Board of Trustees pursuant to Article IV, Section 3(C) in the Foundation Bylaws.
    2. The Committee shall recommend who is qualified to vote for the Board of Trustees pursuant to Article IV, Section 3(C) in the Foundation Bylaws.
    3. To the extent possible, the Committee shall consult with the wider Wikimedia community in developing and revising election procedures within the scope of this charter.
    4. The Committee shall be a source of information to any member of the Wikimedia community interested in the community-and-affiliate selection processes of the Wikimedia Foundation. The Chair of the Committee can act as a spokesperson for the Committee as necessary.
    5. Under the direction of the Governance Committee, the Committee shall take actions as necessary to execute the selection process for the Board of Trustees
    6. As needed, the Committee may assist with other duties as may be assigned by the Board or the Governance Committee.


    1. The Committee shall meet as often as needed, but not less than twice per year.
    2. The Chair of the Committee may call a special meeting of the Committee upon due notice of the date, time, and place of the special meeting to each member at least five (5) business days prior to the meeting.
    3. Meetings may be held in person, over the telephone, or via other electronic means, provided all participants can communicate clearly and be simultaneously heard.
    4. A majority of the members present shall decide any matter brought before the Committee.

    This charter was approved by the Governance Committee of the Board of Trustees on May 17, 2022.