Expectation Statement for Members of the Wikimedia Endowment Board of Directors

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The Wikimedia Endowment Board of Directors serves as an essential source of guidance and support for the Wikimedia Endowment. Board members will support and uphold the Wikimedia Endowment's purpose, goals, and policies in the following ways:

Raise the Fund:

  • Directors of the Wikimedia Endowment will help the Wikimedia Endowment in advancing its capabilities and securing its financial base.
  • At-Large Directors will be asked to provide and identify funding for the Wikimedia Endowment.
  • The Board will work closely with the Wikimedia Endowment President & CEO and Director of Endowment and key Wikimedia Foundation staff to identify, cultivate, solicit, and steward donors for the Wikimedia Endowment.

Governance and Oversight:

  • The Board will be tasked with setting and upholding the Wikimedia Endowment's investment and spending policies.
  • Directors will be responsible for identifying and approving annual endowment distributions to provide financial support to Wikimedia projects that are mission-aligned.

Board Recruitment:

  • Directors will identify and suggest possible nominees to the Board, based on the following criteria:

At-Large Directors:

  • Are passionate about free knowledge
  • Have fundraising and/or finance expertise
  • Will make significant contributions to the work of the Board
  • Are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion

Community Directors:

  • Prior service as a director of Wikimedia Foundation
  • Can bring the perspectives of the Wikimedia community
  • The Board should represent a diversity of geographies, backgrounds, races/ethnicities, gender identities, ages, points of view, and interests.

Commitment of Time & Expertise:

Directors must be willing to devote sufficient time to completing the work of the Board. This includes participating in at least two Board meetings per year, donor meetings and events, and other activities to support the Wikimedia Endowment.


The Wikimedia Endowment Board will include between 5 and 11 directors, comprised of At-Large Directors, the Community Founder Director, and up to 2 Community Directors, according to the requirements in the Bylaws.

At-Large Directors and Community Directors may serve up to three 3-year terms, as set forth in the Bylaws.