Wikimedia Foundation Expense Reimbursement Guidelines

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Employees and contractors, as well as volunteers, who need reimbursement for expenses such as travel expenses, must submit expense reports detailing the amounts and must have obtained authorization prior to the expenses per Travel and expense policy and Purchasing and disbursements procedures.

Expense report

Fill the appropriate expense template for your condition, according to the instructions enclosed and please forward to

Payment method

Bank account

Instructions depend on where your bank account is located.

  • USA: follow the "US Wire" instructions in "WIRE INSTRUCTIONS_DOMESTIC.pdf" file.
  • Europe (SEPA): ask a European domestic wire/bank transfer (SCT).
    • Provide your IBAN and SWIFT, nothing else. You will receive a zero-fee transfer from the Wikimedia Foundation's SEPA account, IBAN GB54CHAS60924241034640.
    • Do not accept any other payment method! Bank transfers from USA will have costs for you.
  • Other: follow the instructions in "WIRE INSTRUCTIONS_INTERNATIONAL.pdf" file.