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Wikimedia Foundation Feedback Privacy Statement

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Your feedback

We appreciate your feedback! Feedback from users like you is one of the best ways for our users and us to find out what works, what does not, and how we can all improve our services.

When you contribute feedback, we treat it in a transparent way. We specifically explain here what we treat as public information and what licenses apply. In short, you agree to make your contribution public and to license under either CC0 or CC BY-SA 4.0. Unless otherwise stated, your personally identifiable information will be treated like other personally identifiable information under our privacy policy, which may allow, for example, public disclosure of your User ID or, if you do not have a User ID, your IP address.

If you submit an email address, we may use it to communicate with you and send you updates on your feedback.

The Wikimedia Foundation can view the feedback and other collected information, including your User ID (if you provided one), your IP address, and any other data provided or transmitted to us.

As part of our efforts to support or help improve Wikimedia operations and activities, we may seek public review and discussion of our issues. For that reason, we may publish some or all of your feedback and other public information in public media, including websites and blogs.

Your feedback comments and public information (including your IP address, if you do not have a User ID) may be included in publicly available data in an effort to analyze, share, or discuss our activities at Wikimedia Foundation. Please avoid including any information in your feedback that you would not want to have published.

We may disclose information when required by law, when needed to protect our rights, privacy, safety, or users, and when necessary to enforce our Terms of Use.

We may share your feedback and other information with third party service providers in an effort to support or help improve Wikimedia operations and activities.

By providing feedback, you consent to the transfer of the collected information to the United States and other places as may be necessary to carry out the set out purposes and objectives discussed above. You understand that you have no expectation of compensation for any ideas that you provide to us.

Thanks again for helping make the Wikimedia Foundation Projects better!

Wikimedia Foundation

Note: The above text is the explanation on how the Wikimedia Foundation treats user feedback from tools such as ArticleFeedback, WikiLove, MoodBar, as well as similar special features. This explanation links from these tools as part of the feedback process.