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HR Committee Meeting
November 25, 2013, in San Francisco
Sam, Jan-Bart, Phoebe, Gayle, Sue, Alice


Executive Evaluation

Executive Comp

ED Exit Interview (to be scheduled)

Calendaring - see 'Rolling Calendar' below

Onboarding the new ED

New ED Evaluation Cycle

Board Evaluation/360s and Annual Retreat

Action Items

Guidelines to include in board manual: HRC continuity, ED eval process and timing.

Guidelines to include in board handbook: Board development expectations

990 Language: Language around executive compensation to be sent via email, to ensure it is documented.

Rolling Calendar:

Every two years, overall compensation is evaluated (execs and staff). Next in summer 2014.
Next October or November will be the new ED's first formal evaluation, 6-8 months after they begin. They should have a check-in 3 months into the role.