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A meeting was held on IRC on August 27, 2005, to discuss various Foundation-related issues. The meeting was open to anyone. An agenda was published on Meta.

The full transcript is available on Meta.


  1. Dutch Royal Library: Will go to them for more certain details about licensing; non-commercial license is a non-starter; no uploading of images until further clarification is achieved.
  2. Licensing of Wikinews: PD not legal in some places; need other license for Wikinews, cc-by for instance; all Wikinewsies should be made aware of these issues.
  3. Seed/demo/incubator wiki discussed; committee to form, which will establish guidelines for inclusion and decide what to call it; guidelines will be posted, debated, and made official once something resembling consensus is reached.
  4. Closing certain wikis: Discussed who decides when a project is to be closed; creating a link page for people to grab dumps of closed projects; Sep11 to be proposed for locking; Wikispecies in a holding pattern pending development of WikiData.
  5. Wikicouncil: Purpose of; is there any support for; who and how many persons involved, from what projects.
  6. Internal communications: discussed mechanisms for sharing information across the community; decided a blog would be useful; then decided wikis would do just as well; follow-up meetings about this will be held soon.