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A Board meeting was held on IRC on June 9 with Angela Beesley, Michael Davis, Florence Devouard, and Tim Shell. They were later joined by Daniel Mayer and Gerard Meijssen.


  • All board members present approved the minor changes to the bylaws. The changes reflect that the next election will not recognize any difference between the roles of the two elected Trustees, and that the election terms will be for two years rather than one.


  • Michael had no news yet on the accounting. A meeting is planned with Terry Foote to review this.
  • Michael will send Daniel Mayer the information he needs to make the next budget.
  • Daniel has found a way to resolve the 'read only bank access' issue. He discussed this with Michael. Jimmy will need to set this up.
  • Michael noted that we must ensure that all transactions have a paper trail.
  • We have approximately US$50,000 in the PayPal account.
  • The fundraising drive will postponed until after the elections.
  • Feedback from the sysadmins on what we are going to buy and when is required before the fundraising drive.
  • There are at least US$200 in PayPal intended for Wikimania. Daniel will consult with Austin Hair about this.

Hardware and hosting

  • No further information on new hosting offers was available at this time.
  • The Yahoo! servers are expected to go online in July or later.
  • Gerard noted a problem with the database server in Amsterdam serving no purpose.
  • Gerard proposed to have students working on the Wikimedia servers, possibly with a paid developer to mentor them.

Other matters

Jimmy to publish this on the mailing list.
Legal issues
Anthere will send a reminder to Izynews. There were no other urgent legal issues arising.
Local chapters
Discussion of proposed contracts will take place via email later in the month
Who should be the authorized agent for Wikimedia France will be asked to juriwiki-l and to the French Board
Artificial languages
It was unclear whether this needed to be a board decision. A vote might be held sometime after September.
Chinese Wikinews
Jimmy was seen to be set against it, but was not present for the meeting, so this point was postponed.
Legal counsel offer
Jimmy can contact Greg Maxwell about this.
Privacy policy update
This was deemed to non-urgent and therefore postponed
Partners/logo use
Logo and trademark policies will be developed on the wiki, submitted to juriwiki-l and approved at a later meeting.
External contacts
Gerard asked about contacting organizations such as OmegaT Open Office org and Lucene to work on Ultimate Wiktionary specifically. Angela agreed to this. Anthere proposed he awaited a comment from Jimmy on the matter.
Next meeting
The time of the next meeting is to be decided.