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A Board meeting was held on IRC on May 24 with Jimmy Wales, Florence Devouard, and Angela Beesley, primarily to follow up on discussions about the upcoming elections and official positions that were discussed on May 16.

  • There is a proposal for a Wikicouncil which Jimmy is going to post to the mailing list. Florence, Jimmy, Arne, Elisabeth, and Delphine met on IRC last week to discuss the roles of the council and whether chapters should be represented on it.
  • Angela proposed having an executive board of five members, with an additional three members that would be elected. The three non-executive board members would be involved in basically everything, but the executive could overrule them where necessary. Jimmy found this concept interesting, but was unsure of the legality of it. It was put forward that since this would require a change of the bylaws upon which legal advice would need to be sought, that the next board will remain at 2 elected members.
  • Known objections to official positions were discussed.
  • Potential candidates for positions were discussed. Jimmy will make appointments taking into account this discussion. Potential positions put on hold for now included Quarto editor, Partnerships, and Translation.
  • The next meeting will be Tuesday 7 June at 20:00 UTC.