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Board meetings Minutes from 2005-11-13 Questions?

Report by Tim Shell

A meeting of the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees was held on irc on November 13, 2005. In attendance were Angela Beesley, Michael Davis, Florence Devouard, Tim Shell, and Jimmy Wales.

The following resolutions were voted upon:

Next meeting date: sometime after Dec. 3 to be determined in email. Schedules to be forwarded to Wikimedia Foundation office assistant for coordination, and Tim to finalize date as soon as possible.

Date for fund drive set for:

  • Dec 1 - 21; pending approval of CFO
  • fundraising meeting to take place before this,
  • Daniel Mayer will be in charge, Jimmy to go over details with him
  • We will have an open drive with no fixed goal.

Financial information about the last fiscal year will be published prior to the next fundraising.

Bank accounts in Europe: We have an account in Belgium. Wikimania money can be transferred from German account to this account. Jimmy to inquire about extending access to Belgium account to Michael and Florence. Some of the money in Belgium account to be wired to Florida bank account.

Paychex given limited power of attorney in conjunction with their role as Wikimedia Foundation payroll processor.

Registered agent: Michael Davis authorized to change registered agents.

Wikimania 2006 conference organizer: Will solicit proposals for professional organizer from the public.

The following topics were discussed:

Insurance: forms require we list review/policy procedures for our sites, which may differ from project to project, so clarifying this will be necessary before filing insurance forms. Forms to be copied and sent to Board members for feedback. If the media application takes much longer, Michael will submit the basic business insurance forms first.

Funding of chapters discussed, review of recent proposal regarding Wikimedia Foundation paying some chapter start-up costs (see Procedure of delegation on Meta-Wiki - original proposal on internal wiki - requires login). Policy approved by vote.

By-laws of Serbia and Montenegro chapter to be reviewed by Florence prior to Board review.

Wikiversity proposal (meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikiversity) not approved, but we will approve it if some changes are made and if the community seems joyful about it, which may or may not require another vote. The board recommend rewriting the proposal to exclude credentials, exclude online-courses and clarify the concept of elearning platform. to be rewritten to exclude credntials and to clarify concept of e-learning.

Jimmy to meet with Florida attorney soon regarding bylaws changes.

Jimmy will consult with lawyers regarding trademarks and inform board by email.

Jimmy will try to extract a standard logo agreement for chapters from lawyers who are allegedly working on this.

seed wiki: more public discussion needed prior to Board voting on whether it should exist.

Jimmy to discuss with PR firm, announcement should be coming soon

Developers have requested US$50,000 in additional hardware; this amount was approved, albeit with concerns that this could stretch thin available cash resources.