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The Wikimedia Foundation Board meeting minutes

Time: 1800 UTC, April 8, 2011
Purpose: IRC meeting to discuss editor trends


Trustees present were:

Ting Chen (Chair), Stu West (Vice-Chair), Samuel Klein (Secretary), Phoebe Ayers, Bishakha Datta,
Matt Halprin, Arne Klempert, Jan-Bart de Vreede, Jimmy Wales, Kat Walsh, Sue Gardner (Executive Director)

A quorum was reached, and Ting opened the meeting.


The meeting was devoted to discussing the high-level goals for improving openness of the projects, and to publishing a resolution encouraging the Foundation and the communities to make these goals a priority.

Board statement

A resolution on openness written over the past week was presented and discussed. The objectives were:

  1. to recognize current work on making the projects more open and welcoming
  2. to encourage editors to focus on this in their wiki work
  3. to encourage readers to become editors, and help new editors

There was discussion about how to recognize and support the work of chapters and other local groups, and the text of the resolution was revised.

The resolution was passed unanimously in the meeting, and an announcement about it sent out to the Foundation mailing list.