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    2003 - 2004

    Currency: CAD = Canadian Dollars, EUR = European Euros, GBP = British Pounds, JPY = Japanese Yen, USD = U.S. Dollars
    Gross donations: The total amount of money donors put into the "Amount" field on PayPal.
    Fees: The total amount of money PayPal charged for the transactions.
    Net donations: The total amount of money left over after the fees are subtracted.
    Withdrawals: The total amount of money that was put into Wikimedia's official bank account.
    Transfers to USD: The amount of money that was transferred to U.S. Dollars (usually right before a withdrawal). These numbers are not added or subtracted to the total donation numbers, but they do affect the running balance for the affected currency.


    • Updated with Quarter 2 data. There is still a difference (see below). --Daniel Mayer 01:22, 13 Jul 2004 (UTC)
    • There is a +134.73 USD difference between the Old balance on this page and the USD end of year balance on Wikimedia PayPal donations for 2003. Selecting all "completed transactions" in PayPal should list all completed transactions, but it obviously does not. I will have to talk to PayPal support to resolve this issue. --Daniel Mayer.