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Wikipedia hits 1,000,000 articles in 100 languages
9/20/2004: The Wikimedia Foundation announced today the creation of the one millionth article in Wikipedia, its project to create a free, open-content, online encyclopedia ( Started in January 2001, Wikipedia is currently the world's largest and fastest growing encyclopedia, with articles under active development in over 100 languages. Nearly 2,500 new articles are added to Wikipedia each day, along with ten times that number of updates to existing articles.
Wikipedia publishes 500,000 articles in 50 languages (on Meta-wiki)
2/25/2004: Wikipedia (, a volunteer-created multi-language encyclopedia, announced today that the project has reached a milestone of 500,000 articles under development, spread across 50 different languages. This is up from 137,000 articles across 22 different languages in January 2003, making Wikipedia the world’s largest and fastest-growing open-content encyclopedia (nearly two thousand new articles are added to the project daily).