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    Job description

    The job of the Chapters Coordinator revolves around two important axes:

    Foster relationships between chapters and Foundation

    • Increase and develop chapters/Foundation coordination (international partnerships, international legal issues etc.)
      • gather information at both chapter and Foundation level
      • issue information both ways
    • Increase and develop inter-chapter communication
      • allow for chapters to cooperate between themselves
    • Identify, develop and share best practices in various fields (chapters/Foundation, chapters/chapters)
      • PR, partnerships, relationship between organization and community, fundraising techniques etc.
    • Allow for mutual assistance between chapters and Foundation by providing outlets for donations, both ways.

    Develop chapters and related activities

    • Identify and follow-up project opportunities for Foundation/chapter cooperation
    • Advertise chapters activities at an international level to raise awareness
    • Identify opportunities and develop international outreach on the organisational level
    • Animate and follow-up of chapters in the making
    • Advertise for chapters in projects

    Ways and means

    To achieve these goals, the Chapters Coordinator:

    • Works closely with the chapters committee (exact position within/alongside the committee needs to be decided) to follow up chapters in the making, answer questions about what chapters are etc.
    • Assists Florida office with international issues, by seeking advice from, or bringing advice to chapters
    • Is given access to
    • Attends wikimeets to identify potential chapters or foster relationships with existing chapters
    • Acts as a relay for individuals/groups with local or international projects based in a country without a chapter (ex. a Spanish group wants to work on an EU grant application, the Chapters Coordinator puts them in relation with the EU