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Resolutions Retreat 2006 Board actions and outcomes Errors?
This resolution summarizing the committed actions/outcomes after the 2006 Board retreat in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, was approved by vote (5 supports) on 8 November 2006.

This is a summary of actions and outcomes the Board has committed itself to after the 2006 Board retreat in Frankfurt am Main.

Outcome: A Board committee exists to propose the final job description of the Executive Director, and propose a process or company to search for the candidate.

  • Deadline: November 30
  • Process: The Board has identified three suitable initial members -- Brad Patrick, Oscar van Dillen and Jan-Bart De Vreede. The Board then has to pass a resolution to create the committee (by November 15)
  • Changes from Retreat: Moved deadline for first outcome from committee, as time was required to clarify membership and committee creation.

Outcome: An ad hoc group advises the Board on its expansion strategy.

  • Deadline: November 22
  • Process: Jimmy Wales invites qualified individuals to join this group and reports progress by November 15.
    • Mitch Kapor will play a role in defining the skillset of future Board members.
    • Any Board member can suggest members for this group.
  • Changes from Retreat: Clarify Board member input, move deadline from Nov 22 to give us some wiggle room before next Board meeting.

Outcome: The Board meets again face-to-face.

  • Deadline: November 30.
  • Process: Location St. Petersburg
  • Changes from Retreat: New intermediate outcome.

Outcome: The Foundation bylaws are updated to address inconsistencies, ambiguities and errors.

  • Deadline: November 30
  • Process: Discussion among Board and community about membership, elections; decision to be made at face-to-face Board meeting
  • Changes from Retreat: None.

Outcome: Tim Shell resigns his Board membership by December 31, and the Board has defined a process for replacing him.

  • Deadline: November 30
  • Process: The Board will make a decision on this at its next face-to-face meeting.
  • Changes from Retreat: New intermediate outcome.

Outcome: The Board has voted on and communicates a specific strategy for expansion.

  • Deadline: December 15
  • Process: After consulting with the ad hoc group above and meeting face to face, the Board will make a decision on expansion strategy.
  • Changes from Retreat: New intermediate outcome -- retreat suggested expansion specifically by February 28. Number of 9 Board members has been frequently suggested, but not yet agreed upon by Board.

Outcome: An Advisory Board, formed of a diverse group of experts, exists to be consulted by the Board (as individuals or as a group).

  • Deadline: January 3rd
  • Process: The Board will make personal recommendations, invite community nominations to be sent privately, and collect such nominations on the Board-Wiki. This process is to be concluded by November 28. The Board will then vote on each member and invite candidates who have received at least a majority of support to join.
  • Changes from Retreat: Process was not clearly discussed at retreat, and was clarified afterwards

Outcome: The Wikimedia Foundation has a Mission and a Vision statement.

  • Deadline: December 31
  • Process: The Board will continue to discuss the M/V statements internally, then post a consensus version to the community for discussion. After further refinements, the Board will submit the M/V statement to the community for an up/down vote.
  • Changes from Retreat: Process has been defined in meetings since then.

Outcome: The Board interviews ED candidates and hires a new ED.

  • Deadline: April-May 2007
  • Process: The Board will make a pre-selection of suitable candidates and interview them in person in a single location.
  • Changes from Retreat: None.

Passed 8 November 2006, 5 approval