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Displays the localized name of a product, trademark, service or any proper noun. This is useful in tables or infoboxes.

You should avoid using it inside sentences, because the translation may change depending on grammatical case (especially for proper noun with articles).

As first parameter you may give the full name or a short identifier from the following list (note it is case-sensitive):

  • Eventbrite: evtb
  • Facebook: fb
  • Google Forms: gforms
  • Google Meet: gmeet
  • LimeSurvey: limesurvey
  • Qualtrics: qual
  • QuickSurveys: qsurveys
  • Skype: skype
  • SurveyMonkey: surveymonkey
  • Twitter: tw
  • Zoom: zoom
  • YouTube: youtube


Used service: <tvar name=Service>{{name|qual}}</tvar> gives "Used service: Qualtrics" in English

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