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Resolution: Approval of Automattic contract

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This resolution was passed at the February 1, 2014 meeting of the Board of Trustees.

Wikimedia Foundation staff identified Automattic's WordPress.com hosting as the most appropriate choice to host our blog, considering, among other things, their specialized technical support, expertise with WordPress software, and commitment to open source values. Following a review by the Wikimedia Foundation legal team, the Board determined that the transaction is fair and reasonable to the Wikimedia Foundation, based on comparable market data. The Board approves the Wikimedia Foundation contract with Automattic to maintain and host our blogs. This was independently reviewed by the Board under our Conflict of Interest policy, since one of our Trustees is an executive at Automattic.

Jan-Bart, Phoebe, Bishakha, Sam, Patricio, María, Jimmy, and Alice
Not present
Ana, Stu