Wikimedia official marks/Word mark creation/howto kerning

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    In some cases you will notice, that the new inserted letter appears very close to one neighboored letter and too far away from the other neigboor. In this case you will have to manually correct the kerning:

    Adjust the space between the letters


    • Click between the letters
    • Use the kerning-panel at the character window ("Top Navigation": "Window": "Type": "Character") to add the value of your choice
    • If you basically maintain the letters "WikipediA" and just exchange one letter with a variation of that letter please copy the kerning values from the blueprint file.
      • For Example: For French we would like to exchange the "E" with "É", while everythin else remains. If we first delete the "E" and than insert the "É" the original kerning will be reset. The blueprint file uses a kerning of "0" between "P" and "E" and a kerning of "20" between "E" and "D". So we have to manually adjust the kerning between "É" and "D".


    Letters may be individually moved after the text is rendered using the "Object to Path" option in the Path Menu. If the entire word is too wide or too thin to begin with, refer to later section.