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    In some cases the localized word for "Wikipedia" is too long and does not fit into the provided textfield.

    Wordmark almost fits

    If the wordmark almost fits you can make it fit by adding a negativ value for the letter spacing (or "tracking").


    • Open the character window ("Top Navigation": "Type": "Character")
    • Select all characters of the wordmark
    • Use the tracking panel to add a negative value
    • Find the appropriate value (by try&error)
    • Don't use a value less than -30


    Letter spacing cannot be adjusted using usual dialog menus. By using Edit -> SVG Editor... you can modify the style attribute of the text object. Adding the setting ";letter-spacing:-X" where "X" is any decimal figure between 0.01 and 0.99 at the end of the style property will shorten the spacing between letters. If the space requires further shortening in order to fit on the graphic, slightly manually resizing the width of the text (including the "W" character) is an option. If any further shrinking would be required, using the English "WikipediA" mark is an alternative.

    Wordmark much too long

    This szenario happens when the wordmark still doesn't fit in the textfield if you use a spacing of "-30". This happens for the Russian Logo for example. In this case you may enlarge the width of the textfield:

    Attention: You will have to enlarge the width of the tagline as well!


    • Open Transform window (Top Navigation: "Window": "Transform")
    • Make sure the textfield is selected
    • Change width (cannot be more than 135px, since there is no way to enlarge the dimensions of the logo-file)
    • Make sure the x-position remains at 67,5!


    See above.