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Archive:Cleanup 2010

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  • Better skin (something vector-like?)
  • Some guidelines on how we want to present ourselves
  • Standardization!
  • Teach people how to edit


  • All need to updated seriously and possibly rewritten
  • Some pages might need to be deleted/merged/etc.


  • Most of them need to updated completely (but we've been waiting to get the sources updated)
  • Category scheme
  • Sidebar
  • How do we want to handle other languages? Right now, it kidna sucks. People can't navigate in other languages, they have to keep switching back to their version. Can we work with things like LanguageSelector? AutoTranslate? Anon language settings? Accounts?
  • Localized links... {{LocalizedLink}}? (i.e. linking to Contact instead of Contáctenos on Sobre Wikimedia)

Update policy

  • Do we need accounts for chapters? Or an easy way for them to figure out what we need and how to get it to us?
  • Who should be updating things like Staff/Board?
  • When do we update these things? After announced? When it happens?
  • Accounts

Feedback page

  • Publicize
  • Better format for feedback?
  • How to get people to stop posting offtopic stuff