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Archive:Fund drives/2005/Q1

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The first quarter 2005 fund drive was held from Friday 18 February to Tuesday 1 March 2005 (2005.02.18 – 2005.03.01). The goal was to raise US$75,000 (Yahoo! Currency Converter) to meet income requirements in the first quarter 2005 budget. This goal was met and then exceeded by 26% well before the originally-scheduled end date of the drive (Friday 11 March 2005). Therefore the drive was cut short by 9 days (official end: 11:59 PM Monday 28 February 2005; eastern US timezone since PayPal data are not available in UTC).

See below for details.

As of last update...


$72,352.01 (USD)

Final update


$1,095.54 (USD)

Final update


$1,155.00 (USD)

Final update

Wikimedia Deutschland

$20,046.15 (USD, actual: €15,254.66)

Final update

Grand Total

$94,648.70 (USD)

Day-by-day PayPal totals

Included below are some transactions that were pending or otherwise incomplete when these data were downloaded.

Goal $75,000.00

Day (detail¹ | report²) Date Day total (in net USD)
0 ( report) 2005-02-17 $1,023.19
1 (report) 2005-02-18 $9,576.78
2 (report) 2005-02-19 $9,257.65
3 (detail | report) 2005-02-20 $7,881.66
4 (report) 2005-02-21 $6,287.52
5 (report) 2005-02-22 $6,704.38
6 (report) 2005-02-23 $5,197.09
7 ( report) 2005-02-24 $5,421.02
8 (report) 2005-02-25 $3,735.10
9 (report) 2005-02-26 $5,869.19
10 (report) 2005-02-27 $4,062.10
11 (report) 2005-02-28 $7,017.15
Days 12 through 21 were canceled due to attaining the fund drive goal early.
¹ Lists individual donations, including time, amount, currency, comment, and name of donor (if they indicated agreement for their name to be listed). Some pledges were still pending when the data were downloaded and may end up being incomplete (only completed transactions are included in the PayPal section above).
² Links to a summary report for that day. Included in that report are selected comments by donors.

'Days' are based on eastern U.S.A time (PayPal does not allow for UTC). Please be patient - all of the above figures are updated manually by volunteers and it can take up to 24 hours from requesting detailed PayPal data to receiving it.

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