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Archive:List of Social Media Fundraiser Links

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appeal=Appeal-Facebook utm_source=B11_FaceBook

Facebook Social Media Links per Language
Language Language Code Donate Link ur1.ca Shortened Link Bitly Shortened Link
English uselang=en Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6huw4 http://bit.ly/rt9o1Z
Arabic uselang=ar Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6huxq http://bit.ly/uAll5T
German uselang=de Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6huyk http://bit.ly/uOxgqB
Spanish uselang=es Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6jhbi http://bit.ly/rHSHck
French uselang=fr Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hv0z
Hindi uselang=hi Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hv1a
Italian uselang=it Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hv2o
Japanese uselang=ja Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hv3v
Dutch uselang=nl Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hv4a
Portuguese uselang=pt Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hv4m
Portuguese (Brazil) uselang=pt-br Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hv6s
Catalan uselang=ca Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hv73
Czech uselang=cs Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hv7p
Danish uselang=da Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hv80
Finnish uselang=fi Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hv8h
Hebrew uselang=he Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hvbv
Korean uselang=ko Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hvch
Norwegian (Bokmål) uselang=nb Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hve7
Polish uselang=pl Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hveo
Russian uselang=ru Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hvgb
Swedish uselang=sv Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hvj7
Turkish uselang=tr Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hvje
Ukrainian uselang=uk Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hvmx
Bulgarian uselang=bg Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hvna
Greek uselang=el Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hvno
Estonian uselang=et Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hvok
Persian uselang=fa Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hvor
Croatian uselang=hr Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hvp5
Hungarian uselang=hu Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hvpg
Indonesian uselang=id Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hvps
Lithuanian uselang=lt Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hvqk
Macedonian uselang=mk Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hvsb
Malay uselang=ms Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hvsq
Norwegian (Nynorsk) uselang=nn Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hvt7
Romanian uselang=ro Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hvty
Slovak uselang=sk Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hvv9
Slovenian uselang=sl Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hvwp
Serbian uselang=sr Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hvz9
Thai uselang=th Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hw04
Tagalog uselang=tl Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hw6i
Vietnamese uselang=vi Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hw7d
Simplified Chinese uselang=zh-hans Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hw9e
Traditional Chinese uselang=zh-hant Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hwa1


appeal=Appeal-Twitter utm_source=B11_Twitter

Twitter Social Media Links per Language
Language Language Code Donate Link ur1.ca Shortened Link Bitly Shortened Link
English uselang=en Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hwco http://bit.ly/tDmpbI
Arabic uselang=ar Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hwd3 http://bit.ly/uV4O0h
German uselang=de Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hwdg http://bit.ly/rp0mpr
Spanish uselang=es Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hwf6 http://bit.ly/uILfJT
French uselang=fr Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hwgg http://bit.ly/s03lnd
Hindi uselang=hi Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hwi6 http://bit.ly/sCkgI6
Italian uselang=it Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hwii http://bit.ly/vJFh9I
Japanese uselang=ja Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hwj5 http://bit.ly/tUoGIU
Dutch uselang=nl Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hwsa http://bit.ly/ujlKff
Portuguese uselang=pt Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hwuv http://bit.ly/uag9Aq
Portuguese (Brazil) uselang=pt-br Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hwv7 http://bit.ly/viXZq2
Catalan uselang=ca Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hwvp http://bit.ly/vee2fh
Czech uselang=cs Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hwvy http://bit.ly/vkr2Vo
Danish uselang=da Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hwwh http://bit.ly/tFUYUs
Finnish uselang=fi Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hwx7 http://bit.ly/v8VY5m
Hebrew uselang=he Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hwxl http://bit.ly/sf95SP
Korean uselang=ko Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hwye http://bit.ly/sm8xjl
Norwegian (Bokmål) uselang=nb Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hwyk http://bit.ly/sm8xjl
Polish uselang=pl Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hwz7 http://bit.ly/rGE0VQ
Russian uselang=ru Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hwzg http://bit.ly/uSRNdh
Swedish uselang=sv Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hx0v http://bit.ly/uZXHHf
Turkish uselang=tr Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hx1l http://bit.ly/vlSuxb
Ukrainian uselang=uk Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hx48 http://bit.ly/vQbF7O
Bulgarian uselang=bg Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hx64 http://bit.ly/smnv6w
Greek uselang=el Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hx7h http://bit.ly/vOA37k
Estonian uselang=et Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hx7r http://bit.ly/vakwfp
Persian uselang=fa Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hx8b http://bit.ly/sFMDw6
Croatian uselang=hr Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hx8z http://bit.ly/uzcUet
Hungarian uselang=hu Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hx9b http://bit.ly/u4k90v
Indonesian uselang=id Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hxay http://bit.ly/ux2tZp
Lithuanian uselang=lt Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hy1v http://bit.ly/tpCWKN
Macedonian uselang=mk Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hy45 http://bit.ly/rPfmTc
Malay uselang=ms Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hy4f http://bit.ly/swtp3I
Norwegian (Nynorsk) uselang=nn Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hy6p http://bit.ly/tt3cgj
Romanian uselang=ro Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hy70 http://bit.ly/ubwY3U
Slovak uselang=sk Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hy9e http://bit.ly/sfamgy
Slovenian uselang=sl Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hyku http://bit.ly/vEwmtg
Serbian uselang=sr Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hyl5 http://bit.ly/tTvErU
Thai uselang=th Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hyom http://bit.ly/v1hSKY
Tagalog uselang=tl Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hyp0 http://bit.ly/tL2CGU
Vietnamese uselang=vi Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hyph http://bit.ly/tm5J85
Simplified Chinese uselang=zh-hans Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hypv http://bit.ly/vi2q5i
Traditional Chinese uselang=zh-hant Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hyqo http://bit.ly/ugdSjf


appeal=Appeal-Google utm_source=B11_Google

Google Social Media Links per Language
Language Language Code Donate Link ur1.ca Shortened Link Bitly Shortened Link
English uselang=en Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6hzzn
Arabic uselang=ar Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i00c
German uselang=de Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i00m
Spanish uselang=es Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i00w
French uselang=fr Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i01h
Hindi uselang=hi Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i030
Italian uselang=it Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i03b
Japanese uselang=ja Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i03l
Dutch uselang=nl Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i03s
Portuguese uselang=pt Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i045
Portuguese (Brazil) uselang=pt-br Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i04f
Catalan uselang=ca Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i04m
Czech uselang=cs Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i04u
Danish uselang=da Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i05e
Finnish uselang=fi Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i05o
Hebrew uselang=he Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i06f
Korean uselang=ko Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i06r
Norwegian (Bokmål) uselang=nb Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i071
Polish uselang=pl Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i07d
Russian uselang=ru Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i07q
Swedish uselang=sv Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i08f
Turkish uselang=tr Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i08l
Ukrainian uselang=uk Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i08u
Bulgarian uselang=bg Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i091
Greek uselang=el Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i09c
Estonian uselang=et Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i09l
Persian uselang=fa Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i0a4
Croatian uselang=hr Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i0ak
Hungarian uselang=hu Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i0au
Indonesian uselang=id Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i0bk
Lithuanian uselang=lt Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i0qz
Macedonian uselang=mk Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i0r7
Malay uselang=ms Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i0rh
Norwegian (Nynorsk) uselang=nn Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i0rs
Romanian uselang=ro Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i0st
Slovak uselang=sk Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i0t5
Slovenian uselang=sl Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i0t6
Serbian uselang=sr Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i0tc
Thai uselang=th Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i0u4
Tagalog uselang=tl Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i0v3
Vietnamese uselang=vi Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i0ve
Simplified Chinese uselang=zh-hans Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i0vr
Traditional Chinese uselang=zh-hant Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6i0w2


appeal=Appeal-Reddit utm_source=B11_Reddit

Reddit Social Media Links per Language
Language Language Code Donate Link ur1.ca Shortened Link Bitly Shortened Link
English uselang=en Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6itj2
Arabic uselang=ar Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6itjh
German uselang=de Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6itjo
Spanish uselang=es Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6itke
French uselang=fr Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6itlq
Hindi uselang=hi Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6itmi
Italian uselang=it Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6itmt
Japanese uselang=ja Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6itn9
Dutch uselang=nl Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6itnm
Portuguese uselang=pt Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6ito2
Portuguese (Brazil) uselang=pt-br Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6itoc
Catalan uselang=ca Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6itp4
Czech uselang=cs Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6itpd
Danish uselang=da Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6itpp
Finnish uselang=fi Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6itpy
Hebrew uselang=he Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6itqc
Korean uselang=ko Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6itqo
Norwegian (Bokmål) uselang=nb Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6itr2
Polish uselang=pl Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6itrs
Russian uselang=ru Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6itsa
Swedish uselang=sv Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6itst
Turkish uselang=tr Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6itu2
Ukrainian uselang=uk Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6itup
Bulgarian uselang=bg Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6itxa
Greek uselang=el Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6itxj
Estonian uselang=et Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6itxt
Persian uselang=fa Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6ity9
Croatian uselang=hr Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6itzc
Hungarian uselang=hu Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iu03
Indonesian uselang=id Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iu0i
Lithuanian uselang=lt Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iu0t
Macedonian uselang=mk Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iu16
Malay uselang=ms Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iu1d
Norwegian (Nynorsk) uselang=nn Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iu23
Romanian uselang=ro Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iu2k
Slovak uselang=sk Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iu2v
Slovenian uselang=sl Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iu31
Serbian uselang=sr Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iu39
Thai uselang=th Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iu3f
Tagalog uselang=tl Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iu43
Vietnamese uselang=vi Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iu4o
Simplified Chinese uselang=zh-hans Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iu58
Traditional Chinese uselang=zh-hant Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iu5d


appeal=Appeal-Digg utm_source=B11_Digg

Digg Social Media Links per Language
Language Language Code Donate Link ur1.ca Shortened Link Bitly Shortened Link
English uselang=en Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iu8z
Arabic uselang=ar Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iu9i
German uselang=de Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iu9y
Spanish uselang=es Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iuak
French uselang=fr Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iub5
Hindi uselang=hi Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iue8
Italian uselang=it Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iuey
Japanese uselang=ja Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iufc
Dutch uselang=nl Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iufl
Portuguese uselang=pt Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iuft
Portuguese (Brazil) uselang=pt-br Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iug4
Catalan uselang=ca Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iugv
Czech uselang=cs Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iuh4
Danish uselang=da Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iuhd
Finnish uselang=fi Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iuhk
Hebrew uselang=he Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iuhr
Korean uselang=ko Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iuhy
Norwegian (Bokmål) uselang=nb Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iui3
Polish uselang=pl Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iuiv
Russian uselang=ru Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iuj3
Swedish uselang=sv Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iujc
Turkish uselang=tr Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iujw
Ukrainian uselang=uk Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iukh
Bulgarian uselang=bg Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iukx
Greek uselang=el Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iul5
Estonian uselang=et Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iulb
Persian uselang=fa Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iuli
Croatian uselang=hr Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iumb
Hungarian uselang=hu Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iumk
Indonesian uselang=id Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iump
Lithuanian uselang=lt Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iun2
Macedonian uselang=mk Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iunc
Malay uselang=ms Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iuoh
Norwegian (Nynorsk) uselang=nn Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iuov
Romanian uselang=ro Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iup0
Slovak uselang=sk Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iupf
Slovenian uselang=sl Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iupn
Serbian uselang=sr Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iuqa
Thai uselang=th Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iuqj
Tagalog uselang=tl Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iuqs
Vietnamese uselang=vi Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iur2
Simplified Chinese uselang=zh-hans Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6iurs
Traditional Chinese uselang=zh-hant Donate Link http://ur1.ca/6ius9