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Give the Gift of Knowledge: Wikimedia Foundation launches Year-end Fundraiser to Support Projects
12/16/2006 : The Wikimedia Foundation announced a three-week fundraising campaign to help support the future operation and expansion of its free, multilingual wiki-based projects. The fundraiser runs from December 16, 2005 through January 6, 2006, and Wikimedia will accept donations in dozens of currencies from individuals and organizations around the globe.
Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees reorganised
10/28/2006 : The Wikimedia Foundation has announced a reorganisation of its Board of Trustees, with Florence Devouard replacing Jimmy Wales as Chair of the Board. The Board voted unanimously to elect Devouard as the Chair of the Board, with Tim Shell as Vice-Chair, Erik Möller as Executive Secretary, and Michael Davis as Treasurer.
One Laptop Per Child Includes Wikipedia on $100 Laptops
08/04/2006 : WMF announced today that the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) association has chosen to load a snapshot of select Wikipedia articles onto the laptops it is developing. OLPC is an MIT-based project established to provide every child in the world access to knowledge and the opportunity to explore, experiment and express themselves.
Angela Beesley resigns from Wikimedia Foundation board
07/07/2006 : This week, Angela Beesley resigned from the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees.
Wikimedia Foundation Announces Interim Executive Director
06/12/2006 : WMF announced today that it has hired Brad Patrick as general counsel and interim executive director, where he will oversee its staff and operations. In this capacity he will lead the search for a permanent executive director to be in charge of administering the Wikimedia Foundation's activities, after which he will settle into his permanent role as general counsel.
English Wikipedia Announces Thousandth Featured Article
06/08/2006 : WMF announced today the 1000th featured article on the English Wikipedia. Featured articles are the best articles on Wikipedia, and are required to be comprehensive, factually accurate, and written from a neutral point of view.
English Wikipedia Publishes Millionth Article
03/01/2006 : WMF announced today the creation of the 1,000,000th article in the English language edition of Wikipedia. The article is about the Jordanhill railway station in Scotland.