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Audio Public Service Announcements Scripts

Access the audio PSAs here.

There when you need it... (10 Seconds)

Wikipedia, it's there when you need it. Now it needs you. Make a donation today at donate (dot) wikipedia (dot) org.

Free to use... (10 Seconds)

Free to use. Free to edit. Free of ads. Wikipedia. Donate today at wikipedia (dot) org.

How has Wikipedia made your life easier? (10 Seconds)

How has Wikipedia made your life easier? Visit donate (dot) wikipedia (dot) org to tell your story.

Did you know? (version 1) (15 Seconds)

Did you know that Wikipedia, the largest encyclopedia in human history is 100 per-cent volunteer driven, and run by a non-profit? Make a donation in support of Wikipedia. Visit donate (dot) wikipedia (dot) org. Wikipedia: now you know.

Did you know? (version 2) (15 Seconds)

Did you know that Wikipedia, the fourth most popular website in the world, is run by a non-profit foundation? Learn more and make a donation today at wikipedia.org. Wikipedia: now you know.

Wikipedia needs your support... (20 Seconds)

Wikipedia, the world's largest encyclopedia is a volunteer-driven, non-profit project used daily by millions of people around the world. Wikipedia is always free when you need to use it, and now it needs your support. Make a donation today at donate (dot) wikipedia (dot) org.

30 Million people... (30 Seconds)

Do you use Wikipedia? Over thirty million people from every part of the world access Wikipedia every single day. You've never seen an ad on Wikipedia, and you've never paid to access the content. Ever wonder how it all happens? Wikipedia is written by hundreds of thousands of volunteers from around the world. The servers and administration are maintained by the Wikimedia Foundation - which is funded by donations from people like you. Give today at donate (dot) wikipedia (dot) org.