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Archive:Spotlight on Wikimedia Commons/Meet Our Contributors

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Meet our contributors

Luca Galuzzi


Luca Galuzzi is a software engineer from the Milano area in Italy. Luca's favorite locations to photograph are deserts and very high plateaus. "I'm 'on top of the world' when waiting, in silence and solitude, for the right light on wide open lands, short of breath because of a rarefied atmosphere but under the deep blue sky at an altitude above 4000m," writes Galuzzi.

When studying countries like Tibet, Bolivia and Lybia on Wikipedia, Galuzzi noticed a lack of landscape images on related pages. Luca has been contributing to Commons with photographs since December 2006.

Malene Thyssen


Malene Thyssen is currently studying to become a schoolteacher and has been contributing to the Danish Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects since December 2002. Malene considers herself an amateur photographer and enjoys taking photos of wildlife that might be useful on Wikipedia. Thyssen describes some of her best shots as 'lucky' snapshots.

Malene enjoys post-processing and editing in the "digital darkroom". "As a contributor to the Danish Wikipedia, it is natural to submit my pictures on Commons hoping my pictures are of use in other projects," writes Thyssen and describes this desire as motivation to travel.