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Correspondence Response Agent (all forms)
Goal of volunteer position
To expand the role of email response agents to include snail mail, faxes and voicemail.
Sample activities
  1. Compose mail responses to be sent out from Wikimedia office
  2. Respond by email and phone to voicemail requests
  3. Other customer service related activiites.
Length of Commitment
4-16 hours weekly activity (estimate)
Home site
Qualifications sought
  1. Communications skills
  2. Issues and risk management
  3. Good command of English
Benefits to volunteer
  1. Customer service experience
  2. Acquire a thorough experience of the questions and issues that are raised by Wikipedia and the Wikimedia projects in the real world
How to submit yourself for consideration

Not yet posted

For further information, contact Cary by phone at 415.839.6885, extension 601 or by

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