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  • (Volunteer) email response statistician
Goal of position
  • To provide an analysis of email requests and responses in the OTRS email response system. This position is for the English Wikipedia info queues.
Sample activities
  1. Go through emails and categorize what types of requests come into the system
  2. Analyze responses for data, including the following:
    Number of responses
    Number of good responses
    Number of good:total responses per respondent
    Number of boilerplate-only responses and their perceived success
    Frequently asked questions
  3. Identify poor responses and failed requests
  4. Present data in a .csv format for reporting
Time frame
Length of Commitment
2 months (July 1 through August 31)
Estimated Total Hours
80 hours
At volunteer's discretion [X]
Specific time: N/A
Qualifications sought
  1. Some knowledge of processes and issues in the Wikipedia site.
  2. A background in statistics and statistical analysis is greatly helpful
  3. Ability to handle sensitive material
Benefits to volunteer
  1. Statistical work experience
  2. Have an impact on improving Quality of response
  3. Potential for advancement into additional opportunities
If you are interested in applying, please send cover letter and CV, biography, resume or pertinent information to cbassrandom text to make this a bit more difficult on the s.p.a.m.b.o.t.s.@wikimedia.org. You can also contact Cary for any questions.
Date posted

12 June 2009