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Fundraising CiviCRM Data Reviewer (multiple positions open)
Sample activities
  1. Work within CiviCRM database to ensure integrity
  2. Deduplicate CiviCRM records
  3. Manage new donations and processing
  4. Other data entry tasks as needed
  5. Assist with corporate giving and recurring programs
Length of Commitment
Until the database is perfect
As needed. The Wikimedia Offices are open from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.
Wikimedia Offices, San Francisco, CA.
Qualifications sought
  1. Attention to detail
  2. Ability to learn CiviCRM software
  3. Willingness to work independently
Benefits to volunteer
  1. Experience working within a professional fundraising and technical environment
  2. Regular interaction with volunteers speaking multiple languages worldwide
  3. Acquire a thorough experience of the questions and issues that are raised by Wikipedia and the Wikimedia projects in the real world
How to apply

Please send a cover letter and some details about yourself as to why the foundation would benefit from your skills in this position by email to giving@wikimedia.org or by fax to 415.882.0495. Candidates will be required to identify with the Foundation, if not already identified.

For further information, e-mail rmontoya@wikimedia.org.

Date posted
27 February 2009
Closing date
Open until filled