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As we make our way back home from the hangover and euphoria of Wikimania 2007, I can only imagine the exhaustion but sense of accomplishment of the Wikimania conference team. Congratulations to all the planners for showing us an amazing time. But I wanted to specifically praise the superb...

Here is how started the very warm thank you note from Fuzheado at the end of Wikimania. The entirety of the text may be found on Foundation-l.

According to Wikimania participants, this was a fabulous conference, most commended for its attendance, very smooth organization and interesting talks. The venue and organization were all wonderful, with some extra-touches -- banners leading to venues, Wikiballs, free coffee and treats, tote bags for attendees, hanging program and much more, which made it great. The conference was exciting and a pleasure to attend.

Huge thank you to the Taipei team and organizers, in particular Theodoranian, the lead organizer; TzuChiang Liou, the program manager; Daucter, Dann, Alice and all the registration staff; Frances and KJ; James, the on-site volunteer coordinator, the rest of the Taipei team, and the local volunteers who came to help out.