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Committee:Human Resources Committee/2013-04-21

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The HR Committee met on April 21st to provide guidance on a compensation package for the ED Transition Team.

In attendance: Alice, Jan-Bart (Chair) Kat, Sue Advising: Gayle

The HR committee agreed to provide the following guidance to the Transition Team with regards to future ED compensation:

At this point in time the HR committee (in conjunction with the Chief Talent & Culture Officer) recommends the following as its compensation guidelines:

  1. We expect that the compensation package of the new Executive Director will be in line with current compensation practices for the Wikimedia Foundation
  2. The compensation package can be different from the compensation package of the current Executive Director
  3. The compensation package should keep in mind the Executive Director compensation study commissioned by the Wikimedia Foundation in 2012

When the time has come to discuss this matter with specific candidates the HR committee directs Stuart West to represent the HR Committee in these negotiations (in consultation with the Wikimedia Foundation's Chief Talent & Culture Officer and Legal Counsel). During this process, Stuart will keep both the Chair of the Board of Trustees and the Chair of the Transition Team informed on progress.

The final compensation package will be approved by the HR committee before the entire Board approves the candidate in question.

There being no further agenda items the meeting is closed by Jan-Bart