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Legal:Supplemental Transparency Report for August-September 2023

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The Wikimedia Foundation envisions a world in which every person can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. Our mission is to empower the global communities of Wikimedia readers and contributors as they strive to achieve this goal. Transparency is a cornerstone of the Wikimedia movement and key to carrying out our mission. In this report, we provide an overview of the requests we receive to alter or remove content from the Wikimedia projects, and to provide nonpublic information about our users. We hope that this report shines light on the work that we do to defend against threats to free knowledge.

About the Transparency Report

The Wikimedia Foundation's Transparency Report is, ordinarily, a twice-annual publication in which we describe the requests we receive to alter or remove content from our projects, or to hand over non-public user data. Past reports can be viewed here, with data covering all requests received up to 30 June 2023.

As required by the European Digital Services Act ("DSA"), the Wikimedia Foundation is publishing this supplemental report. This covers requests received between 25 August and 30 September 2023. On 25 August 2023, the DSA's main obligations began to apply to Wikipedia, four months after Wikipedia was designated as a Very Large Online Platform. We are using a data cutoff of 30 September 2023 in order to have sufficient turnaround time to produce the report and provide accurate data about these requests.

In the future, this data will be incorporated into our standard Transparency Report, as the reporting cycles align. We will be publishing all our Transparency Report data for 1 July to 31 December 2023 no later than 25 April 2024; that report will include a repeat of the data included in this report for 25 August to 30 September, as well as DSA-responsive data for 1 October to 31 December 2023. We will thereafter continue our twice-annual report with DSA-responsive data included on a regular basis.

As per our consistent practice for transparency reporting, and the DSA's requirements, this report only includes information about Foundation-taken moderation actions, not community ones. On a project such as Wikipedia, the community of users does almost all the content moderation; even when an issue is reported directly to the Wikimedia Foundation, we try - where possible - to defer it to community action. Readers wishing to gain a broader appreciation of editing (i.e. moderation) activity across the projects more generally are invited to browse the many data interfaces available for this purposes, such as Wikistats, and the Logs function for each project (e.g. the Logs for English Wikipedia).

Regarding countries of origin

The Wikimedia Foundation is committed to protecting the privacy of our users, both readers and editors alike. As such, we deliberately collect very little data about our users, practicing the principles of data minimization. The right to privacy is accordingly embedded into our projects and is at the core of how communities contribute to Wikimedia projects. We protect users' data and foster free knowledge by allowing users to partake in knowledge sharing activities across our platforms without providing any personal details, including their country of origin. In the vast majority of requests we receive to alter content or hand over user data, we do not know the country in which the requester is located or of which they hold citizenship. This report represents a best effort to report on the requests in which this information was obvious or could be reasonably deduced from the content of the request (such as the requester citing a country-specific law).

Regarding volume of requests

Many of the following sections of this report indicate no relevant requests during the covered period. The reasons for this are twofold: the Wikimedia Foundation always receives a low volume of requests, and the reporting period for this report is short (about five weeks). Future reports, covering six-month periods, will likely show low but non-zero numbers for many DSA-responsive categories. However, we anticipate that there will still be some categories in which we will have no data to report, due to the low volume of requests we always receive.

Orders from EU Member States

During the covered period of this supplemental report, the Foundation did not receive any orders from Member States' authorities, either in the form of "Orders to act against illegal content" (DSA Article 9) or "Orders to provide information" (Article 10). Other types of communications received from Member States' authorities, including informal government requests for user data, will be included in our regular Transparency Report. Requests received between 1 July and 31 December 2023 will be published no later than 25 April 2024.

Notice and Action Submissions

During the covered period of this supplemental report, the Foundation received the following request notices alleging illegal content, which are pending determination. Where appropriate, the Foundation may refer these notices to the community, as the bulk of moderation and overseeing of the projects are community-driven efforts. For more information on editing activity across the projects, please refer to tools like Wikistats, and the Logs function for each project (e.g. the Logs for English Wikipedia).

Country Notices Alleged claim
Germany 2 Data Protection/ Privacy violation

Content moderation by the Wikimedia Foundation

The Foundation publishes its Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA") Policy to inform individuals or entities about the process by which a takedown notice can be submitted to report incidents of copyright infringement uploaded on the projects. Rightsholders are provided with an easy-to-understand process so they can submit their claims for evaluation.

The Foundation thoroughly evaluates each DMCA takedown request to ensure that it is valid. We only remove allegedly infringing content when we believe that a request is valid, and we are transparent about that removal. If we do not believe a request to be valid, we will push back as appropriate.

During the covered period of this supplemental report, the Foundation did not receive any DMCA takedown requests. The number of DMCA requests received and removals carried out between 1 July to 31 December 2023 will be included in our regular Transparency Report.

Child safety actions

The Wikimedia movement of volunteers, along with the Wikimedia Foundation, have over the years developed and tailored practices to address potentially illegal content on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects.

Robust community-led content moderation processes provide the first line of defense. While automated tools are used to support existing community processes, the bulk of this work is done manually across Wikimedia projects.

Situations involving actual or suspected Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) are escalated to the Foundation's Trust & Safety sensitive content team to address. This team utilizes PhotoDNA, an automated tool, to identify known CSAM images and videos and report them to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), a nonprofit that refers cases to law enforcement agencies around the world.

When actual or suspected CSAM is identified, we immediately lock the account(s) that upload the content and escalate the information to NCMEC's CyberTipline, as required by law. Each report to NCMEC may involve one or more pieces of content. For our annual CyberTipline report totals from previous years, please see: 2022; 2021; 2020; 2019.

While child sexual abuse material (CSAM) has been found on Wikimedia projects, it is very rare. During the covered period of this supplemental report, the Wikimedia Foundation removed 6 files as actual or suspected CSAM through our standard reporting system.

No other content was removed by the Wikimedia Foundation through any other means during the covered reporting period.

Out-of-court Settlements

Between 25 August and 30 September, no disputes were submitted to a DSA dispute settlement body.

Complaints through Internal Complaint-handling Systems

During the relevant period we received two complaints through our internal appeals system. These claims were determined to be out of scope for the appeals process and were rejected, on average, within one business day.

Bans and Suspensions

From time to time, the Wikimedia Foundation issues Global Bans, which bar an individual from continuing to contribute to the Wikimedia projects. In the vast majority of cases, we do not know the location in which these individuals are located, and whether or not the users in question are EU persons.

In some cases, multiple accounts (known as "sockpuppets") are used by the same individual for the purpose of deception or evasion of Wikimedia project standards. If multiple sockpuppets suspected to be operated by the same person are banned, those accounts will be counted separately below.

During the covered period of this supplemental report, we issued bans against accounts for the following reasons:

Legal Reason Detection method Accounts affected
Harassment/stalking User report 2
Promoting child exploitation[1] User report 6

No users were suspended or banned for the provision of manifestly unfounded notices or complaints during the covered period.

Automated content moderation

We are required to publish information about automated content moderation means, including qualitative descriptions and specified purposes of the tools, data on the accuracy of the automated tools, and descriptions of any safeguards applied.

The Foundation seeks to empower users to participate in content moderation processes by providing them access to machine learning tools which they can use to improve or quickly remove content–these tools are used and maintained by community members. While automated tools are used to support existing community moderation processes, the bulk of the work is still done manually.

The tools that editors can use include:

  • ClueBot NG (for English Wikipedia), an automated tool which uses a combination of different machine learning detection methods and requires a high confidence level to automatically remove vandalism on the projects. Other bots similar to ClueBot include SaleBot (French, Portuguese), SeroBot (Spanish), and PatrocleBot (Romanian).
  • Objective Revision Evaluation Service (ORES), which assigns scores to edits and articles in order to help human editors improve articles. ORES is available in multiple languages including several official languages of EU member states.
  • Additionally, users with special privileges have access to the AbuseFilter extensions, which allows them to set specific controls and create automated reactions for certain behaviors.

Foundation Trust & Safety staff also use select automated tools to scan for child sexual abuse material. PhotoDNA, an automated tool, is used to identify known CSAM images and videos and to report them to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), a nonprofit that refers cases to law enforcement agencies around the world.

The Wikimedia community is highly effective at removing illegal and harmful content on the projects. In 2019, researchers at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University found that the median amount of time harmful content (including harassment, threats, or defamation) remained on English language Wikipedia was 61 seconds.

Human resources

The vast majority of human resources devoted to content moderation come from our communities of independent volunteer editors, not from Wikimedia Foundation staff. Information about current active editors by language of Wikipedia, including official languages of EU member states, can be found on Wikistats.

The Wikimedia Foundation does employ a staff of Trust & Safety experts, who are available to address complex issues requiring resolution by the Foundation. Due to safety concerns, and the small size of this team, we are not able to provide detailed breakdowns of their backgrounds and linguistic expertise. The team collectively provides linguistic capacity in multiple languages used on the Wikimedia projects; for EU purposes, the most relevant languages covered would be English, French, and Polish. In some cases, Trust & Safety staff may liaise with volunteer editors with competence in other languages, and/or use machine translation tools, in order to investigate and address challenges in additional languages.

Average monthly EU recipients

The Wikimedia Foundation already publishes EU-wide data about our user base. A country-by-country breakdown follows below, using the same methodology for calculation as the previously linked page. For the sake of user privacy, these estimates have been rounded to the nearest thousand (i.e. 1499 rounds to 1000, while 1500 rounds up to 2000), and any userbase with fewer than 1000 users is simply listed as "<1000". In some cases, overseas territories for EU member states are listed separately.

Country-by-country user statistics
Project Family EU Member State Unique Users (6-month average)
Mediawiki Åland <1,000
Wikibooks Åland <1,000
Wikidata Åland <1,000
Wikifunctions Åland <1,000
Wikimedia Åland 1,000
Wikinews Åland <1,000
Wikipedia Åland 10,000
Wikiquote Åland <1,000
Wikisource Åland <1,000
Wikiversity Åland <1,000
Wikivoyage Åland <1,000
Wiktionary Åland <1,000
Mediawiki Austria 25,000
Wikibooks Austria 50,000
Wikidata Austria 21,000
Wikifunctions Austria <1,000
Wikimedia Austria 2,130,000
Wikimedia Foundation Austria <1,000
Wikinews Austria 24,000
Wikipedia Austria 3,436,000
Wikiquote Austria 30,000
Wikisource Austria 36,000
Wikiversity Austria 25,000
Wikivoyage Austria 20,000
Wiktionary Austria 174,000
Mediawiki Belgium 14,000
Wikibooks Belgium 31,000
Wikidata Belgium 26,000
Wikifunctions Belgium <1,000
Wikimedia Belgium 2,022,000
Wikinews Belgium 12,000
Wikipedia Belgium 4,429,000
Wikiquote Belgium 19,000
Wikisource Belgium 31,000
Wikiversity Belgium 16,000
Wikivoyage Belgium 12,000
Wiktionary Belgium 262,000
Mediawiki Bulgaria 5,000
Wikibooks Bulgaria 9,000
Wikidata Bulgaria 8,000
Wikifunctions Bulgaria <1,000
Wikimedia Bulgaria 722,000
Wikinews Bulgaria 4,000
Wikipedia Bulgaria 1,647,000
Wikiquote Bulgaria 20,000
Wikisource Bulgaria 13,000
Wikiversity Bulgaria 4,000
Wikivoyage Bulgaria 3,000
Wiktionary Bulgaria 130,000
Mediawiki Croatia 5,000
Wikibooks Croatia 8,000
Wikidata Croatia 7,000
Wikifunctions Croatia <1,000
Wikimedia Croatia 723,000
Wikinews Croatia 4,000
Wikipedia Croatia 1,227,000
Wikiquote Croatia 9,000
Wikisource Croatia 13,000
Wikiversity Croatia 4,000
Wikivoyage Croatia 3,000
Wiktionary Croatia 48,000
Mediawiki Cyprus 1,000
Wikibooks Cyprus 2,000
Wikidata Cyprus 4,000
Wikifunctions Cyprus <1,000
Wikimedia Cyprus 124,000
Wikinews Cyprus 1,000
Wikipedia Cyprus 333,000
Wikiquote Cyprus 3,000
Wikisource Cyprus 3,000
Wikiversity Cyprus 2,000
Wikivoyage Cyprus 2,000
Wiktionary Cyprus 50,000
Mediawiki Czech Republic 23,000
Wikibooks Czech Republic 31,000
Wikidata Czech Republic 42,000
Wikifunctions Czech Republic <1,000
Wikimedia Czech Republic 2,301,000
Wikinews Czech Republic 22,000
Wikipedia Czech Republic 3,567,000
Wikiquote Czech Republic 41,000
Wikisource Czech Republic 41,000
Wikiversity Czech Republic 25,000
Wikivoyage Czech Republic 12,000
Wiktionary Czech Republic 242,000
Mediawiki Denmark 6,000
Wikibooks Denmark 9,000
Wikidata Denmark 17,000
Wikifunctions Denmark <1,000
Wikimedia Denmark 685,000
Wikinews Denmark 4,000
Wikipedia Denmark 1,844,000
Wikiquote Denmark 7,000
Wikisource Denmark 9,000
Wikiversity Denmark 5,000
Wikivoyage Denmark 4,000
Wiktionary Denmark 58,000
Mediawiki Estonia 3,000
Wikibooks Estonia 4,000
Wikidata Estonia 5,000
Wikifunctions Estonia <1,000
Wikimedia Estonia 233,000
Wikinews Estonia 3,000
Wikipedia Estonia 590,000
Wikiquote Estonia 9,000
Wikisource Estonia 7,000
Wikiversity Estonia 3,000
Wikivoyage Estonia 2,000
Wiktionary Estonia 36,000
Mediawiki Finland 10,000
Wikibooks Finland 27,000
Wikidata Finland 19,000
Wikifunctions Finland <1,000
Wikimedia Finland 1,178,000
Wikinews Finland 9,000
Wikipedia Finland 2,833,000
Wikiquote Finland 25,000
Wikisource Finland 22,000
Wikiversity Finland 9,000
Wikivoyage Finland 9,000
Wiktionary Finland 259,000
Mediawiki France 116,000
Wikibooks France 190,000
Wikidata France 146,000
Wikifunctions France <1,000
Wikimedia France 14,178,000
Wikimedia Foundation France <1,000
Wikinews France 156,000
Wikipedia France 26,643,000
Wikiquote France 185,000
Wikisource France 323,000
Wikiversity France 137,000
Wikivoyage France 66,000
Wiktionary France 1,603,000
Mediawiki French Guiana <1,000
Wikibooks French Guiana <1,000
Wikidata French Guiana <1,000
Wikimedia French Guiana 13,000
Wikinews French Guiana <1,000
Wikipedia French Guiana 30,000
Wikiquote French Guiana <1,000
Wikisource French Guiana <1,000
Wikiversity French Guiana <1,000
Wikivoyage French Guiana <1,000
Wiktionary French Guiana 2,000
Mediawiki Germany 437,000
Wikibooks Germany 629,000
Wikidata Germany 180,000
Wikifunctions Germany 2,000
Wikimedia Germany 24,717,000
Wikimedia Foundation Germany <1,000
Wikinews Germany 423,000
Wikipedia Germany 34,488,000
Wikiquote Germany 467,000
Wikisource Germany 531,000
Wikiversity Germany 423,000
Wikivoyage Germany 188,000
Wiktionary Germany 1,490,000
Mediawiki Greece 10,000
Wikibooks Greece 16,000
Wikidata Greece 72,000
Wikifunctions Greece <1,000
Wikimedia Greece 1,309,000
Wikinews Greece 8,000
Wikipedia Greece 2,959,000
Wikiquote Greece 21,000
Wikisource Greece 28,000
Wikiversity Greece 21,000
Wikivoyage Greece 24,000
Wiktionary Greece 810,000
Mediawiki Guadeloupe <1,000
Wikibooks Guadeloupe <1,000
Wikidata Guadeloupe <1,000
Wikifunctions Guadeloupe <1,000
Wikimedia Guadeloupe 27,000
Wikinews Guadeloupe <1,000
Wikipedia Guadeloupe 67,000
Wikiquote Guadeloupe <1,000
Wikisource Guadeloupe <1,000
Wikiversity Guadeloupe <1,000
Wikivoyage Guadeloupe <1,000
Wiktionary Guadeloupe 5,000
Mediawiki Hungary 8,000
Wikibooks Hungary 28,000
Wikidata Hungary 19,000
Wikifunctions Hungary <1,000
Wikimedia Hungary 1,416,000
Wikinews Hungary 7,000
Wikipedia Hungary 2,861,000
Wikiquote Hungary 15,000
Wikisource Hungary 13,000
Wikiversity Hungary 7,000
Wikivoyage Hungary 6,000
Wiktionary Hungary 119,000
Mediawiki Ireland 10,000
Wikibooks Ireland 14,000
Wikidata Ireland 53,000
Wikifunctions Ireland <1,000
Wikimedia Ireland 1,608,000
Wikinews Ireland 10,000
Wikipedia Ireland 2,058,000
Wikiquote Ireland 13,000
Wikisource Ireland 16,000
Wikiversity Ireland 10,000
Wikivoyage Ireland 7,000
Wiktionary Ireland 123,000
Mediawiki Italy 129,000
Wikibooks Italy 195,000
Wikidata Italy 73,000
Wikifunctions Italy <1,000
Wikimedia Italy 13,662,000
Wikinews Italy 137,000
Wikipedia Italy 18,102,000
Wikiquote Italy 320,000
Wikisource Italy 291,000
Wikiversity Italy 181,000
Wikivoyage Italy 88,000
Wiktionary Italy 501,000
Mediawiki Latvia 2,000
Wikibooks Latvia 3,000
Wikidata Latvia 4,000
Wikifunctions Latvia <1,000
Wikimedia Latvia 202,000
Wikimedia Foundation Latvia <1,000
Wikinews Latvia 3,000
Wikipedia Latvia 533,000
Wikiquote Latvia 3,000
Wikisource Latvia 4,000
Wikiversity Latvia 2,000
Wikivoyage Latvia 2,000
Wiktionary Latvia 27,000
Mediawiki Lithuania 3,000
Wikibooks Lithuania 7,000
Wikidata Lithuania 6,000
Wikifunctions Lithuania <1,000
Wikimedia Lithuania 294,000
Wikinews Lithuania 3,000
Wikipedia Lithuania 832,000
Wikiquote Lithuania 9,000
Wikisource Lithuania 10,000
Wikiversity Lithuania 2,000
Wikivoyage Lithuania 3,000
Wiktionary Lithuania 53,000
Mediawiki Luxembourg 1,000
Wikibooks Luxembourg 3,000
Wikidata Luxembourg 3,000
Wikifunctions Luxembourg <1,000
Wikimedia Luxembourg 135,000
Wikimedia Foundation Luxembourg <1,000
Wikinews Luxembourg 1,000
Wikipedia Luxembourg 305,000
Wikiquote Luxembourg 2,000
Wikisource Luxembourg 3,000
Wikiversity Luxembourg 1,000
Wikivoyage Luxembourg 1,000
Wiktionary Luxembourg 19,000
Mediawiki Malta 1,000
Wikibooks Malta 1,000
Wikidata Malta 1,000
Wikifunctions Malta <1,000
Wikimedia Malta 102,000
Wikinews Malta <1,000
Wikipedia Malta 157,000
Wikiquote Malta 1,000
Wikisource Malta 1,000
Wikiversity Malta <1,000
Wikivoyage Malta <1,000
Wiktionary Malta 5,000
Mediawiki Martinique <1,000
Wikibooks Martinique <1,000
Wikidata Martinique <1,000
Wikifunctions Martinique <1,000
Wikimedia Martinique 23,000
Wikinews Martinique <1,000
Wikipedia Martinique 60,000
Wikiquote Martinique <1,000
Wikisource Martinique <1,000
Wikiversity Martinique <1,000
Wikivoyage Martinique <1,000
Wiktionary Martinique 4,000
Mediawiki Mayotte <1,000
Wikibooks Mayotte <1,000
Wikidata Mayotte <1,000
Wikimedia Mayotte 4,000
Wikinews Mayotte <1,000
Wikipedia Mayotte 11,000
Wikiquote Mayotte <1,000
Wikisource Mayotte <1,000
Wikiversity Mayotte <1,000
Wikivoyage Mayotte <1,000
Wiktionary Mayotte <1,000
Mediawiki Netherlands 33,000
Wikibooks Netherlands 63,000
Wikidata Netherlands 58,000
Wikifunctions Netherlands <1,000
Wikimedia Netherlands 4,565,000
Wikimedia Foundation Netherlands <1,000
Wikinews Netherlands 28,000
Wikipedia Netherlands 8,076,000
Wikiquote Netherlands 45,000
Wikisource Netherlands 55,000
Wikiversity Netherlands 28,000
Wikivoyage Netherlands 25,000
Wiktionary Netherlands 460,000
Mediawiki Poland 65,000
Wikibooks Poland 118,000
Wikidata Poland 45,000
Wikifunctions Poland <1,000
Wikimedia Poland 5,454,000
Wikinews Poland 68,000
Wikipedia Poland 9,615,000
Wikiquote Poland 154,000
Wikisource Poland 161,000
Wikiversity Poland 61,000
Wikivoyage Poland 77,000
Wiktionary Poland 914,000
Mediawiki Portugal 26,000
Wikibooks Portugal 26,000
Wikidata Portugal 13,000
Wikifunctions Portugal <1,000
Wikimedia Portugal 1,577,000
Wikinews Portugal 18,000
Wikipedia Portugal 2,528,000
Wikiquote Portugal 22,000
Wikisource Portugal 25,000
Wikiversity Portugal 19,000
Wikivoyage Portugal 6,000
Wiktionary Portugal 61,000
Mediawiki Réunion <1,000
Wikibooks Réunion <1,000
Wikidata Réunion <1,000
Wikifunctions Réunion <1,000
Wikimedia Réunion 57,000
Wikinews Réunion <1,000
Wikipedia Réunion 152,000
Wikiquote Réunion <1,000
Wikisource Réunion 2,000
Wikiversity Réunion <1,000
Wikivoyage Réunion <1,000
Wiktionary Réunion 10,000
Mediawiki Romania 9,000
Wikibooks Romania 18,000
Wikidata Romania 56,000
Wikifunctions Romania <1,000
Wikimedia Romania 1,153,000
Wikinews Romania 8,000
Wikipedia Romania 2,980,000
Wikiquote Romania 14,000
Wikisource Romania 51,000
Wikiversity Romania 8,000
Wikivoyage Romania 18,000
Wiktionary Romania 145,000
Mediawiki Saint Martin <1,000
Wikibooks Saint Martin <1,000
Wikidata Saint Martin <1,000
Wikimedia Saint Martin <1,000
Wikinews Saint Martin <1,000
Wikipedia Saint Martin 4,000
Wikiquote Saint Martin <1,000
Wikisource Saint Martin <1,000
Wikiversity Saint Martin <1,000
Wikivoyage Saint Martin <1,000
Wiktionary Saint Martin <1,000
Mediawiki Slovakia 4,000
Wikibooks Slovakia 8,000
Wikidata Slovakia 8,000
Wikifunctions Slovakia <1,000
Wikimedia Slovakia 514,000
Wikinews Slovakia 3,000
Wikipedia Slovakia 1,232,000
Wikiquote Slovakia 9,000
Wikisource Slovakia 6,000
Wikiversity Slovakia 4,000
Wikivoyage Slovakia 2,000
Wiktionary Slovakia 38,000
Mediawiki Slovenia 2,000
Wikibooks Slovenia 4,000
Wikidata Slovenia 6,000
Wikifunctions Slovenia <1,000
Wikimedia Slovenia 258,000
Wikinews Slovenia 2,000
Wikipedia Slovenia 683,000
Wikiquote Slovenia 4,000
Wikisource Slovenia 16,000
Wikiversity Slovenia 3,000
Wikivoyage Slovenia 2,000
Wiktionary Slovenia 23,000
Mediawiki Spain 65,000
Wikibooks Spain 84,000
Wikidata Spain 121,000
Wikifunctions Spain <1,000
Wikimedia Spain 5,873,000
Wikinews Spain 56,000
Wikipedia Spain 12,606,000
Wikiquote Spain 72,000
Wikisource Spain 97,000
Wikiversity Spain 60,000
Wikivoyage Spain 32,000
Wiktionary Spain 499,000
Mediawiki Sweden 21,000
Wikibooks Sweden 32,000
Wikidata Sweden 35,000
Wikifunctions Sweden <1,000
Wikimedia Sweden 2,263,000
Wikimedia Foundation Sweden <1,000
Wikinews Sweden 19,000
Wikipedia Sweden 4,190,000
Wikiquote Sweden 29,000
Wikisource Sweden 34,000
Wikiversity Sweden 20,000
Wikivoyage Sweden 17,000
Wiktionary Sweden 253,000

Learn more

You can read more about the Wikimedia Foundation's content moderation efforts at transparency.wikimedia.org. We publish these reports twice a year and will be including DSA-responsive information within our usual Transparency Report beginning early 2024.


  1. Actions identified as promoting child exploitation involve posting content that defends, advocates for, supports, or encourages participation in sexual relations involving minors.