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Legal talk:Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedowns

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Violation on international law on Norwegian Wikipedia server; including copyright violation by violating APA's right, by referencing to APA sources, DSM and other sources

Adminstrators are doing what they can to help and maintain copyright violation, done in a span of a 10 years period.

I advice taking contact with APA, to let them know of the issue. Furthermore, I do advice that Norwegian Wikipedia get external help to correct ALL health related stuff; where one have over many years modified and adapted content from DSM, in strict violation with APA's legal rights.

Furthermore, most of health related articles on Norwegian server is in strict violation with Norwegian law; giving out false medical information.

Many of articles on Norwegian server are violating the international law CRPD by giving out false and misleading claims against diagnoses, without proper and time relevant reference.

A lot of articles on Norwegian Wikipedia are violating international law of racism, and they do violate Norwegian law.

As a owner of Norwegian wikipedia server, that do not and do not want to enforce CRPD, international law of racism, DCMA, or other copyright related laws; it has become a legal issue, that I and others do advice to take action upon —Preceding unsigned comment added by Mioto44 (talkcontribs) 08:31, 16 June 2024 (UTC)Reply