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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.
Board meetings Minutes from 2005-03-30 Questions?

A very short meeting with Jimmy Wales, Florence Devouard, and Angela Beesley was held on IRC on March 30, 2005. A summary of this is below.

There had been some rumors around a proposed software fork for wikinews. This is related to certain features not being implemented. A hosting offer had been received, but nothing is expected to happen with this for a couple of months. There seems to be a lack of support for moving the project to a different server. Erik is making a report on the state of the current Wikinews versions which may give more information about which new ones should or should not be started. Jimbo felt that Wikinews China should not be started until there is more community support
Business cards
If users require business cards, they ought to ask permission from the foundation. It may be worth having different cards for people in the foundation and people who edit the projects, such as using a project logo rather than the Wikimedia logo.
Legal matters
A legal issues list has been created. Logo licensing should be discussed here.
Mandrake CD
Soufron was to meet with Mandrake (now Mandriva) to show them a demo version created by Phe. The search was not working at this time.
OTRS will continue to be used since no better solution has been found.
Yahoo and Google hosting contracts are under discussion.

Kennisnet are happy to make a hosting deal with the Foundation rather than waiting for the existence of a Dutch chapter.

Changing the bylaws for the IRS has been completed.
Privacy policy
The CheckUser feature should be included in the privacy policy.
Domain names
Daniel Mayer has been asked to oversee the domain names.