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Board meetings Minutes from 2005-05-16 Questions?

A Board meeting was held on IRC on May 16 with Jimmy Wales, Florence Devouard, and Angela Beesley, primarily to discuss the upcoming elections and official positions.

The potential make up of the next Board of Trustees was discussed extensively. We aim to expand community participation in decision making next year. Jimmy is in the process of developing a proposal related to this, which will be submitted to the Foundation mailing list this week. Possible extension of terms was discussed, with the suggestion made that the board be elected for two years in the upcoming elections, and three years thereafter, so positions will rotate.

We will seek legal advice on the make up of the board, in order to evaluate the ways in which the existing structure might be changed. US$3,000 will be budgeted for this.

For official positions, a description of the job, description of what is expected from them, a list of tasks, and the limits of the position will need to be set in advance of people being appointed to these positions. A list of potential positions will be advertised this week, and anyone interested in them is invited to contact the board about taking these roles. In many cases, these positions will be a means of formal recognition for the informal roles people already have within the Foundation. Initial appointments will be made on May 23.

Jimmy will discuss the Queen's Jubilee "partnership" with Gerard Meijssen, since it was felt this should not be in the press release.

Jimmy will talk to Daniel Mayer about access to the Foundation's bank account.

A proposal regarding the DVD is expected from Mandriva on Thursday and will be discussed at the next meeting.

The next meeting will be held on Monday May 23 at 20 UTC.