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Board meetings Minutes from 2009-06-16 Questions?

Location: IRC

  • Board participants: Michael, Ting, Arne, Kat, Jan-Bart, Jimmy, Stu
  • Also participating: Sue Gardner, Executive Director

Annual Plan

Sue presented Annual Plan for 2009-2010 FY. Changes over previous years were explained - both 44% revenue increase as well as spending increase.

Stu has extensively worked with Sue and Veronique on reviewing the plan and characterized it as conservative and going in same proven direction as previous years. Stu is comfortable with spending levels, especially if it can be adjusted according to fundraising success.

Kat inquired about our advisor feedback on our growth so far. Sue thought, that supporters of our organization want us to grow faster, want to see more improvements, and currently there is a lack of capacity to satisfy all potential and desire to work with the foundation.

Datacenter capital expenditures

Domas, Stu and Jimmy enquired about possible extended spending for additional new datacenter expansions, and possibility of having it as directed gift. Jimmy wanted to ensure, that current capital expenditures are sufficient for proper database backups, dumps and redundant web hosting.

Sue confirmed, that foundation staff will attempt to secure additional restricted grants for datacenter-related projects.

Stu suggested, that datacenter expansions should be done in two directions - redundancy and improved regional performance, and that performance improvements outside US and Europe may be used as directed gift opportunities.

Arne suggested that if restricted funding in 2009-2010 is unavailable, we should invest in 2010–2011.

There was general board consensus on the need for priorities for better availability and access.

Fundraising changes

There was an overview of fundraising practices and expectations, as well as discussion of increased fundraising spending needs. It was noted that the nature of organization is more suitable for community giving, than large donor or corporate giving.

Additional money will be spent to improve information gathering and analysis, especially for the middle-range gifts.

Sue pointed out that in next year business development will be becoming more efficient, as current work is laying groundwork for future expansion.

There was also a concern voiced about valuation of in-kind donations - certain budgeted donations not happening have scaled back technology spending in the past.

Sue pointed out that we should not get below 3.3 million in reserve, providing six months of spending, and allowing more flexible cutbacks on spending.


The 2009-2010 Annual Plan was passed by this resolution