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Board meetings Minutes from 2010-08-31 Questions?

The Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

Time: 1900 UTC, August 31, 2010
Purpose: Regularly scheduled IRC meeting
Prepared By: Samuel Klein, Executive Secretary


  • Ting Chen - Chair
  • Stu West - Vice-Chair and Treasurer
  • Samuel Klein - Executive Secretary
  • Arne Klempert - Trustee
  • Bishakha Datta - Trustee
  • Jan-Bart de Vreede - Trustee
  • Jimmy Wales - Founder/Trustee
  • Kat Walsh - Trustee
  • Matt Halprin - Trustee
  • Phoebe Ayers - Trustee
  • Sue Gardner - Executive Director


Ting opened the meeting, which was primarily devoted to discussing the high-level targets of the strategic plan. The agenda was short:

Five-year targets

Sue presented a recommended set of high-level 5-year targets developed based on the past year's work by the community and staff on the Foundation's Strategic Plan. The targets were presented as audacious goals to inspire and focus efforts of everyone in the movement. The objectives were:

  1. increase the total number of people served
  2. increase the amount of information we offer
  3. ensure information is high quality
  4. encourage readers to become editors
  5. support healthy diversity in the editing community

There was broad approval of this approach and focus, with discussion of the tradeoffs involved in selecting these particular five objectives over others. Sue then walked through the proposed metric for each objective, and possible targets for those metrics, and the Board provided various suggestions for Sue and team to consider in preparing final version of metrics for the Board's review and approval in early September in advance of the final discussion of the five-year plan at the next Board meeting.


The Board reviewed and approved the minutes from its July 8 meeting.

There was a short discussion about improving the process for future IRC meetings. No new business was raised.