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None changed content with CC-BY-SA 3.0


If I create the context under CC-BY-SA 3.0, so the identical content (none change[1]) You don't can share under CC-BY-SA 4.0.

Ok, maybe, You can use the fair-use, but what, when the country is not fair-use?

Are you storing the data in none-fair-use legislative countries?

Dušan Kreheľ

[1] But with append space would be then the adaptation.
Dušan Kreheľ (talk) 10:09, 9 June 2023 (UTC)

@Dušan Kreheľ: FYI: m:Terms of use/Creative Commons 4.0/Legal note#Mechanism for the upgrade. SCP-2000 (talk) 16:47, 9 June 2023 (UTC)
@SCP-2000: I know. My last edit of page m:User:Dušan_Kreheľ was under CC BY-SA 3.0. So why m:User:Dušan_Kreheľ?export=raw is under CC BY-SA 4.0? That would be under CC BY-SA 3.0. Why not so? You look u de:Wikipedia:Kurier and section "Wenn CC BY-SA 3.0 → CC BY-SA 4.0 verboten ist".
You link write about adaptations, but about none original unchanges pages. Dušan Kreheľ (talk) 17:47, 9 June 2023 (UTC)

[Report] Detect violations of CC BY-SA 3.0 in WMF projects

I would like inform about the report a violation of the CC BY-SA 3.0 license in projects[1] of the WMF Foundation[2]. This state was created by the process of changing the license from CC BY-SA 3.0 to CC BY-SA 4.0. The violation report is available at: https://krehel.sk/Porusovanie_CC_BY-SA_3.0/ (Slovak).

[1] https://www.wikipedia.org/
[2] https://wikimediafoundation.org/

P.S.: The report was reported to legal@wikimedia.org.
Dušan Kreheľ (talk) 21:20, 10 June 2023 (UTC), --Dušan Kreheľ (talk) 07:40, 16 June 2023 (UTC), --Dušan Kreheľ (talk) 07:42, 16 June 2023 (UTC)

See m:Terms of use/Creative Commons 4.0/FAQ#How can we "upgrade" the license?: Revisions of pages before the upgrade to the 4.0 version will continue to be available under the version 3.0 of the license. Tranminh360 (talk) 13:20, 13 June 2023 (UTC)
@Tranminh360: It is not stated anywhere in writing with the licensed content as far as I know. Dušan Kreheľ (talk) 13:44, 15 June 2023 (UTC)

Broken link

I think the link for Robot policy should point to wikitech:Robot policy, wikitech:Robot Policy does not exist. --Ameisenigel (talk) 20:03, 12 June 2023 (UTC)

Good catch! Thank you! Link updated. --Gregory Varnum (Wikimedia Foundation) [he/him] (talk) 21:36, 14 June 2023 (UTC)