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3.2 – Abuse of power, privilege, or influence

Abuse occurs when someone in a real or perceived position of power, privilege, or influence engages in disrespectful, cruel, and/or violent behaviour towards other people. In Wikimedia environments, it may take the form of verbal or psychological abuse and may overlap with* harassment.

3.2 権限や特権または影響力の乱用


Abuse of office by functionaries, officials and staff: use of authority, knowledge, or resources at the disposal of designated functionaries**, as well as officials and staff of the Wikimedia Foundation or Wikimedia affiliates, to intimidate or threaten others. 役務者や役員および職員による地位の乱用:ウィキメディア財団もしくはウィキメディア提携団体の役員もしくは職員のみならず、指定された職員**の裁量に委ねた権威、知識または資源を利用し、他の人を脅しまたは威圧すること。

* The underlined words are missing in the Japanese translation.

** "職員" means paid staff (employees and contractors) , not functionaries, who are volunteers within Wikimedia projects.

Since I have not reviewed the entire translation yet, there might be more areas that need for attention. AppleRingo777 (talk) 21:46, 28 June 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]